Best Gift

This Christmas Season is upon us and among us. Joy and love, busyness and stress. What are you most thankful for? What do you celebrate? What is the best gift that you receive?

I am most thankful for my family and friends! I celebrate and enjoy the relationships that are dear to my heart – near and far! I am grateful for the time I spend with them all during the Christmas Season and throughout the year.

In my giving and receiving I know that there will be gifts, it is a significant part of the Christmas Season, having many traditions of its own. However, for me (and perhaps for you) the giving and receiving that is more filled with love and joy is time shared with family and friends. Parties, decorating the Christmas tree, family traditions, playing games with each other, watching movies, reading books, hot cocoa, building a snowman, sledding, Christmas toasts made with Eggnog, concerts and Christmas programs, baking.

What do you remember the most? What fills you with love, joy and peace? The laughter and smiles from the Christmas parties, the glee and giggles of children playing and creating snow masterpieces, the smell of baking goodies, the crackle of a burning fire, zipping down a hill on a sled, snuggling together to watch a Christmas classic, seeing the pure joy on your loved ones face as you proudly watch the Christmas program, excited whispers in the night of dreams and wishes.

The giving and receiving of time spent together, fill us with love joy and peace!

With the busyness and stress of the season, I am reminded to stay present and aware! Listen to family and friends wholly from your heart – give them your time – don’t allow the tick-tick of a clock to rush you. Enjoy the family and friends you most cherish! Enjoy the traditions and activities with your whole being- body mind and spirit!

Be aware of those around you. I was walking into church and looked directly at my sister and niece without recognizing in my mind who they were! I was so focused on being ‘rushed and needing to accomplish the next thing’, that I was not in the moment. Be aware and be present! Recognize others – family, friends and strangers with a smile from your heart! You will feel peace as you calmly move through your day, and others will feel a warmth fill their heart.

I have received the best gifts of Christmas already this season and I will continue to receive them! Hugs, laughter, smiles, singing, intimate conversations, all the love joy and peace I receive from time spent with family and friends!

With love and gratitude for YOU – Merry Christmas!

Live Your Truth!