I want to ‘enjoy the journey’! I want to enjoy the day-to-day, the daily living – the relationships I have and the activities I’m involved in and not become too focused on my visions and goals. And, I want to enjoy my visions and goals – the creating and becoming who I want to be doing what I want to do and living how I want to live. I’ve realized that balance has quite a bit to do with living life fully and to ‘enjoy the journey’! There is a balance to daily living and creating visions.

It is easy to get caught up in living day-to-day and your visions and goals becoming a memory and not a focus. It is easy to get caught up in your visions and goals and not enjoy and appreciate what you presently have in your life.

Living day-to-day you can be carried away by the seemingly endless to-do list. You know the list that is ever expanding and never shrinking. The list that at times seems to scream at you, ‘YOU have this activity! AND this responsibility, AND don’t forget that!’ A list and schedule that doesn’t seem to include free time for you to relax or do what YOU want to do.

Living with your eyes only on your vision you can develop blinders that don’t allow you to experience the life that is going on around you. You become so focused on your vision and goals you don’t take time for important relationships in your life, you don’t take time for rest relaxation and rejuvenation.

Balance is a delicate thought and idea. When day-to-day activities, daily living responsibilities grab hold and seem to overcome any thoughts of vision and goals – thoughts can become negative, of lack and wanting, of not being aware of growth, and you can become overwhelmed feeling.

That is when you need to clarify and define your visions goals and priorities.

When focus on one vision or one area of life is front and center day after day or week after week, you become enveloped by that vision and awareness of your other visions and goals fade. The lack of thought and attention on the ‘slipped from memory’ visions or areas of life leads to thoughts that can become negative, of lack and wanting for the forgotten areas of life when the visions and goals do enter mind.

That is when you need to clarify and define your visions goals and priorities.

Balance in daily living and your visions and goals is balancing the different areas of your life, prioritizing what is important to you, not focusing too much on one vision, not forgetting the visions in other areas of life. Balance in daily living isn’t accomplished in one day, rather a week or another sequence of days. Today a priority of family relationships, tomorrow a priority for my vision of working from home and time freedom, the day after a priority of personal growth or rejuvenation.

It is easy to be pulled off balance, or feeling as if you are going in circles. Life is an ever expanding spiral of growth. Growth is being aware of where you are, where you want to be, and defining and clarifying what you want in all areas of your life. As you grow in awareness your visions, goals and priorities change. You can feel discord as the balance shifts; your balance must change and grow too.

Have you been overwhelmed with day-to-day activities and responsibilities? Or have you become enveloped by one vision? If you are feeling off balance, or that you are going around in circles, clarify and define your visions goals and priorities.

Live Your Truth!