DSC04446Are your thoughts flowing on the positive side? Or are your thoughts tending to flow on the negative side in this moment, or a past moment?

I have noticed that sometimes when my thoughts are flowing to the negative it is because I am choosing to do or to change something I want more, but, I want the other too. The choice may or may not be easy, but because of a tug of want for both, the choice doesn’t feel positive.

It is a natural feeling. The negative feeling isn’t for gain of the better positive choice that is being made, but is for the letting go and feeling a loss for the other less wanted choice.

Are you noticing negative thoughts? You can choose to focus your thoughts instead on positive thoughts.

Choose to let go the choice you didn’t choose, and fully allow and look forward to the positive choice that you did choose.

Life is for growth and expansion, feeling negative thoughts because of a positive choice is experiencing life. And this is something to be grateful for. You are creating the life that you want to live!

Live Your Truth!