Letting go

I’m wondering how to let go.

How do I let go?

How do I trust the Universe and allow?

dscn1306I believe that everything is perfectly as it should be, but, I try to control. I try to control because I have a lack of belief, not trusting.

I know that there is a balance of taking action. Staying in the positive feeling and doing what’s most important to me. Doing things based on my priorities.

I’m scared. Scared of not succeeding, so I am not choosing action in the moment that supports my visions.

I go back and forth, making positive choices and taking positive action and making negative choices that don’t support my vision. It would be easy to stop, but that’s now what I truly want.

I decide again. I commit! I commit to choosing what I want! Choosing my visions!

Act as if! Let go and allow! Trust and believe!

Live Your Truth!