Multiple Mes

My mind was wandering the other day and I began thinking about how nice it would be to have multiple Mes to be able to do do do and be be be.

My kids have even commented there needs to be clones of me.

Like Michael Keaton in the comedy movie Multiplicity, clone myself so that I can have one of me to help each of my kids with the homework, cook dinner, clean the house, do those tedious work tasks. What would be on your list?


Me, I wouldn’t want to miss those moments and experiences, the moments of pure joy, love and gratitude. The journey, the growth.  The moments that you are able to see a struggle or challenge that you experienced and lived and the impact that experience had on your life.

Being able to recall a favorite memory, life experiences and little experiences, and see how it made you feel and be able to experience it again in our mind and feel those wonderful feelings of love and gratitude.

I don’t want to miss living life fully and experiencing all that I want.

Yes, there are areas of my life I like to dream about having a multiple me, but I know that I wouldn’t choose to have myself cloned.

It makes me think and focus on what is most important to me now. So the house doesn’t get cleaned, so dinner isn’t ready when I wanted it to be. My kids and I laughed and I was able to help teach them, help guide them on their journey.

And tomorrow, tomorrow I will choose what is most important to me in the NOW moment again.

What will you choose?

What is most important in your life right now?

Live Your Truth!