What do you want? Are choosing what it is that you most want?

Or, are you living a life that you are comfortable living?

It is easy to get comfortable, to think that we are living  the life that we want to live, which we most the time are. But… are you growing? expanding? creating? Are you becoming more? Are you doing more?


I get comfortable in my life. And I am so happy and grateful when I become aware that I have become comfortable in an area of my life; that I am not being all that I want to be, that I am not doing all that I want to do, that I am not experiencing all that I want to experience.

What do I want? What is most important to me? Am I doing all that I can? Am I creating the life that I want to live, or am I living in ‘comfort’?

It is time for me to ‘rock the boat’ in some areas of my life. I feel it, I am aware of it, and now it is time to create the life that I want to live and experience in those areas of my life!

What do you want? Are you creating the life that you want to live, or are you living in ‘comfort’? Is it time for you to rock the boat?

Live Your Truth!