letting go

at times i just need to let it all out, all the negativity i’m thinking and feeling so that i can get to a place of feeling gratitude. letting all the negativity out, let it pour out if me in what form it needs, so that i can get it out of me. to free my mind, to free my heart. and to open to gratitude, to open to love, to allow all that i want to come to me.

sometimes i think that i suppress the negativity and hold it in, rather than feel it and let it go. and letting it go is what needs to be done in order to allow the good in. to allow love and abundance in. to grow and expand and become who i want to be, to do what i want to do, to experience what i want to experience.


is there something that you’ve been holding onto that you need to let go? is there something that you want that you don’t have? is there something you need to let go to allow that?

let it go, live your truth!