i am grateful for the idea!

the energy and the passion that i have with a new exciting idea ignites a fire inside me. i have positive energy and a flow of ideas, feelings, thinking and planning. my minds imagination is filled with the possibilities of what can be.

i want to give all that i can to the creative energy of bringing this new idea to life! i am filled with a burning desire to create this new idea that i want.


i let my mind wander, i let me mind grow and expand the idea. i write down what i want to do and create the vision i see and that i am building. i keep the vision close to my heart, i keep the vision in my mind – growing it, keeping the burning desire strong.

i feel the vision and experience the vision in my life as it is fulfilled. so many times i don’t realize that i’m living my vision. i get caught in all that i want, and focused on all that i want, that i don’t realize that i’m living my vision and experiencing a new idea and growing a new vision.

i am grateful for the new idea!

what idea do you have? is it a burning desire? do you feel the creative energy? let your minds imagination grow and expand your idea into your vision!

live your truth!