what are you committed to?

are you committed to becoming better? do you have goals that you are committed to?

how committed are you? are you achieving your goals? are you becoming better?


commitment is the decision and dedication to a goal, to a task, to being or to doing.

when you are committed, you continually make decisions to be or to do what you are committed to. the commitment gives you power to be who you want to be, to do what you want to do.

your commitment creates the energy for you to move forward, to becoming better to attaining your goal.

do you have goals that you have not reached? are you being your best and doing your best?

if you are not, what are you committed to? it is something other than your goal. you are committed to the pleasure of being or doing something else.

there is a tipping point to commitment, a point at which you be and do what is needed to be better, to reach your goal. everyone’s tipping point is different, if you are not at your tipping point you are not fully committed. you are not feeling enough pain to fully commit to your goal, to being better.

why do you want to be better? why do you want to attain that goal? your why needs to be bigger than the pleasures that can distract you from your goals.

are you committed to being better? are you committed to your goals?

live your truth!