where are you?

are you being present?
are you living in the present moment?
are you present with the people you are with?

maybe you are distracted
what needs to get done from your to-do list?
what went wrong with the previous thing you were doing?

maybe you are overwhelmed
what needs your attention right now?
where do you start with everything you have to do?

maybe you are stressed
what isn’t happening how you wanted it to?
what are you not able to control?

maybe you are trying to control
how important is this thing?
will you remember this thing in this moment in a month?

maybe you need a present moment break
connect to yourself and center yourself
listen and laugh with the people you are with

maybe you need a new list
who do you want to be?
what do you want to feel?

maybe you need to know where you are

are you being?
who are you being?
who do you want to be?

are you doing?
what are you doing?
what do you want to be doing?

are you experiencing?
what are you experiencing?
what do you want to experience?

where are you?

be present

live your truth!