what life is this?

what is this life?
what am i doing?
what am i experiencing?
who am i being?

is this life what i want it to be?
am i fully living?
am i living my journey?
am i experiencing what i want?

what path am i on?
the path of conformity?
the path of non-choice?
the path of creating?

landscape photo of pathway between green leaf trees
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

am i creating the life i want to live?
am i being who i want to be?
am i doing what i want to do?
am i experiencing what i want to experience?

this is life
am i present?
am i aware?
am i connected?

what do i want?
who do i want to be?
what do i want to do?
what do i want to experience?

choose what’s most important
choose your dreams
choose your desires

create the life you want to live
enjoy your life journey
live life fully

live your truth!