authentic being

are you being your authentic being?
are you being your whole you?

woman in black activewear sitting on a tree trunk
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in all areas of your life?
in all roles of your life?

are you holding back?
where are you holding back?

who do you want to be?
who are you?

are you fully being you?
allowing you to be and express who you are?

what’s most important to you?
what are your values?

are you living that?
are you being your guiding compass?

who is your authentic being?
who is your whole being?

how do you feel?
how do you express?

what is your happy?
what is your sad?

what is your joy?
what is your mad?

what is your love?
what is your hate?

what is your truth?
be you!

be your authentic being!
be your whole being!

live your truth!