hitting the target

do you have goals?

what are they?
are your goals big?
are your goals small?

do you achieve your goals?
do your goals change?

aiming for the target, your goal
and letting the arrow loose
flying towards the target

will the arrow hit its mark?
will the arrow be just outside the center bullseye?
will the arrow be on the outside of the ring?
will the arrow fly high and miss altogether?
will the arrow sink too soon and fall short?

what happens with your goals?
when your goals are missed,
falling short and not on target

do you modify your goals?
do you let the missed goals go?
and create new goals?

how do you feel?
are you frustrated and upset?
are you learning and moving on?

what do you want from your goals?
why do you have goals?
what do you want to achieve?

create your life!
live your truth!