day in and day out

are you living in an endless loop?
day-in and day-out

today the same as yesterday
tomorrow the same as today

are you being pulled
in multiple directions
feeling overwhelm
feeling stress

what would happen if i ran away from it all?

do you want
one day
half a day
just one hour!
for you?

do you have a shoulda-gotta list
the never-ending list

  • things to get done at home
  • errands to run
  • activities and events to prepare for
  • get ready for
  • then actually attend if you still have the energy
  • work you brought home
  • walk the dog
  • home, yard and vehicle to maintain

nothing on the shoulda-gotta list
is for you!

you are worthy of
your interests and passions.

take action for yourself
even a small step

and you are stepping
into your personal power
taking the first step putting yourself first

live your truth!