live in the present moment

it’s easy to get caught up in the past
dwelling on past mistakes

it’s easy to worry about the future
anxiously anticipating what’s to come

preventing us from fully experiencing
neglecting the most important moment we have
the present

embrace the power of now

living in the present moment
has transformative power

the present moment
is the here and now
where your life is happening
the only moment that truly exists

living in the present moment

reduces stress and anxiety
focusing on the present moment
you’re not burdened by past regrets
or future uncertainties

creates mental clarity and emotional wellbeing
nurtures deeper meaningful connections
being present with the people around you
shows you value and respect their being

living in the present moment

being fully engaged in the present
your mind is free from distractions
and taps into its creative potential

appreciating the small joys of life
happiness in the simple things
creates greater happiness and fulfillment

living in the present moment

mindfulness meditation and gratitude
meditation in motion – yoga, painting, walking in nature
creates awareness of the present moment
focusing on the here and now
appreciating the richness of the present moment

living in the present moment
is a conscious choice
requiring practice and dedication

what will you do today
to live in the present moment?

create your life
live your truth!

path to self-awareness: connecting with your inner being

embarking on a journey of self-discovery
exploring the profound world of self-awarenss
is connecting to your inner being

living your truth you are

empowered to live your authentic life
pursue your dreams and desires
experience happiness and fulfillment
be your authentic genuine self

living your truth is
having your guidance system

embracing your authenticity
honoring your values
aligning your actions with
your dreams and desires

your journey to living your life with

  • happiness
  • fulfillment
  • purpose

self-awareness gives you your authenticity

when you are self-aware
your choices align
with your true self

stop living life
dictated by societal norms
or expectations of others

self-awareness gives clarity of purpose

clarity serves as your compass
guiding you in the direction
of your dreams and desires

clear understanding of your values
what truly matters to you and
what’s most important to you

embark on the journey of self-discovery

being mindful is the art of being
fully present in the moment

mindfulness allows you to
observe thoughts
observe emotions
observe physical sensations
without judgment

self-reflection is taking
time for introspection

journal thoughts, feelings, and experiences
journaling with wonder and curiosity
creates open space for you to connect
to your deeper wants and dreams
challenges and intuitions

connecting to your inner being

is a journey of self-awarness
profound transformation
positively impacting all of your life

connect to your personal power
using self-awareness
with mindfulness
and journaling
clarifying your purpose

create your life!
live your truth!

go go go

are you going to stay unhappy?
or take action to make a change?

are you meeting the needs
of the moment
instead of the needs you have?

what life do you dream of living?

do you want to make a change
to live a more fulfilling life
your dreams and desires
living with purpose

living your dreams and desires

you can trust you are directing
your life and
living with purpose

decide what you want
keep choosing what you want

focus and be patient
thinking about what you want

love what you do
do what you love

trust you are choosing

what’s true to you
and create your freedom
living your dreams and desires

create your life!
live your truth!

day in and day out

are you living in an endless loop?
day-in and day-out

today the same as yesterday
tomorrow the same as today

are you being pulled
in multiple directions
feeling overwhelm
feeling stress

what would happen if i ran away from it all?

do you want
one day
half a day
just one hour!
for you?

do you have a shoulda-gotta list
the never-ending list

  • things to get done at home
  • errands to run
  • activities and events to prepare for
  • get ready for
  • then actually attend if you still have the energy
  • work you brought home
  • walk the dog
  • home, yard and vehicle to maintain

nothing on the shoulda-gotta list
is for you!

you are worthy of
your interests and passions.

take action for yourself
even a small step

and you are stepping
into your personal power
taking the first step putting yourself first

live your truth!

did you miss an opportunity?

do you feel a nagging in your gut
or a pulling on your heart?

have opportunities slipped away
you missed the signals from your body
were influenced by opinions of others’ around you?

do you want to make a shift
you are feeling chances are slipping away

but you have no idea where to begin

many midlife women trust
life decisions to others’ opinions and
feel they have missed their opportunity

the truth is

you have your own intuition
an inner wisdom to guide
you can trust

trust your intuition

to create your dreams and desires
to live your dreams and desires

don’t be attached to anything
anything and everything is possible

have a mind that is open to anything
your heart, gut, eyes, ears
all your body is communicating to you
through senses, feelings, and energy

reconnect to your intuition

reconnect to your inner wisdom
reclaim your personal power

do you want to make a change
take the first step so that you reconnect
to your inner wisdom
your intuition
and feel whole worthy and deserving

download your 15 minute guide
to stepping into your personal power

live your truth!

feeling anxious to start putting yourself first?

do you feel like you are constantly pleasing everyone around you? you’ve been wanting to make a shift because you have been feeling empty and lost but you have no idea how to start pouring back into yourself

i see many midlife women who have been living for everyone else almost their whole life and think if they decide to start walking, reading, or doing a hobby they love so they can have 10 minutes of their own time they are being selfish

the truth is these women are actually being selfish by not showing others she is worthy of her own time

don’t make assumptions people will feel a certain way, when you express what you really want, communicate clearly, and take even the smallest action for yourself you are stepping into your power and taking the first step of putting yoruself first

helping women reclaim their personal power is the root of what i do for my clients and why i created the wild woman way framework

if you want to make a change, click here to download your 15 minute guide to stepping into your personal power

live your truth!

take back your power

what’s missing in your life?
what do you want to happen
that isn’t happening now?

what do you want to change in your life?
what do you want?
what’s stopping that?

low angle shot photography of green trees
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what’s most important to you?

when you are living what’s most important to you
what does that look like?
what does that mean to you?
how does that feel?

what can you do today
to live what’s most important to you?

create your life!
live your truth!

do you have trust?

doubt and trust
go hand in hand
do you have either?

trust is a choice

trust is doing what you say
trust is taking action in alignment
with what you say

it is a choice
to give trust
to recieve trust

trust is a choice
and trust is earned
through action

how much do you trust yourself?
within all the areas of your life?

are you doing and acting
in the way of becoming
who you want to be?

create your life!
live your truth!

stop negative thoughts with sacred life questions

my mind is imagining the negative
imagining the worst case scenarios
things that will never happen

yet my mind stays in the negative spiral
circling deeper and deeper
hard to stop the doom and gloom images

my imaginings become conversations
conversations in my mind
thinking how experiences could go

the experiences play out negative in my mind
images bringing me deeper and deeper into a negative
i want it to stop, but i can’t get it to stop

with a question the negative mind wanderings became positve

in the many different experiences
playing out in my mind
the conversation offered a question

during the conversation in my mind
for the negative feeling imagined experience
i said, “what i wanted…”

wow! what i wanted is…
a simple thought
a simple statement in my mind

ask yourself during negative mind wanderings
what do i want?
answer, what i want is…

what do i want?

what do you want to experience?
what do you want to do?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to create?

when your mind is wandering the negative
seemingly neverending doom and gloom
ask – what do i want?

open to awareness
connect to what you want
your negative imaginings will switch to positive imaginings

the question is a sacred question
it connects you to your inner being
it connects you to love

open to your inner being
ask sacred questions
be curious to become aware and change positive to negative

sacred questions are
what do i want?
what’s most important?

what sacred questions do you have?

live your truth!
create your life!