the empowering choice: trusting yourself

it’s a world of external pressures
endless advice
and opinions

you have a valuable asset self-trust

a simple and profound choice
choose to trust yourself

trust will create your life
trust will create love
trust will create your dreams and desires

trust will empower you to
overcome challenges and
unlock your full potential

embrace your authentic being

you are a unique individual
with your own values and beliefs
your own dreams and desires

honor your true self
create a life genuinely yours
with awareness and alignment

allow your inner wisdom to guide you
creating fulfillment
and purpose

choosing to trust yourself

connecting to your inner strength
builds confidence in your choices
overcomes fear and self-doubt

empowering your growth
stepping out of your comfort zone
pursuing your dreams

creating a solid foundation
for lifes ups and downs
you become stronger and wiser

trusting you

is empowering and life changing
you embark on a journey of self-discovery
unlocking your full potential

creating a life truly your own
living your truth
being you

doing what’s most important to you
experiencing happiness and fulfillment
creating your dreams and desires

live your truth!

do you have trust?

doubt and trust
go hand in hand
do you have either?

trust is a choice

trust is doing what you say
trust is taking action in alignment
with what you say

it is a choice
to give trust
to recieve trust

trust is a choice
and trust is earned
through action

how much do you trust yourself?
within all the areas of your life?

are you doing and acting
in the way of becoming
who you want to be?

create your life!
live your truth!

living in trust

trusting you are living your truth

what is living in trust?


that you are

to create the life of
your dreams and desires


to your vision
imagining the life you want to live

being aware
and choosing
what’s most important to you

taking action
taking the next step
taking the leap

taking the risk
to live your truth!

what is most important to you?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

take the risk!
create your life!

live your truth!


can i be grateful
for a day?
a week?
an hour?
longer than a week?

can i stop negative thoughts
stop negative thinking and choose gratitude!

stop judging!
and choose to be grateful for what i have!
who i am!
where i’m at!
who i’m sharing and experiencing life with!

why is it so hard?!

what would happen?
what would i create
if i could be grateful

stopping the negative thinking
stopping the judging

i don’t have to stop the emotions
i can learn and grow from emotions


the negative thinking
stop the judging


let go

how do i let go worry?
how do i let go fear?

isn’t it valid to worry
about the future
and what is?

isn’t it valid to fear

isn’t it valid to fear I’m
unworthy, and

maybe it is

but it doesn’t feel good

and it’s not going to create
the future that i want.

what if i create the image
of what i want?

what if i visualize my
dreams and desires
connect to how i will feel
living what i want?

i can create the positive feelings


live your truth!

blazing a trail

blazing your own trail you follow your hearts desires
doing the things that are most important to you

blazing your own trail you are doing the things that feel best to you
doing the most positive high energy things

blazing your own trail you are being who you want to be
doing things that make you happy

doing things that make you happy
is being who you want to be
experiencing what you want to experience

being wild when you want to be wild
being your authentic genuine self
being quirky and creative
being quiet and loud

being who you want to be when you want to be
and how you want to feel

blazing your own trail you are being who you want to be
being connected to your inner wisdom

being you is being connected to your inner wisdom
listening to your heart
to your dreams and desires

being you is taking action
being guided by your dreams and desires

blazing your own trail is following your intuition and inspiration
to create what’s already in your heart

connecting to your inner wisdom
and allowing the energy to flow through you

no conforming to family, friends, society
being connected to you!
and doing your thing

your inner being
your inner wisdom
listening to your heart and soul

making choices guided by your values
what’s most important to you
your dreams and desires

blazing your own trail
is living full out to make you happy!
to love you!

live your truth!

life is a chance

what choices are you making?

we need to make the choices to take chances in life
open up and allow the possibility for disappointment or hurt

what choices do you need to make?

choices to speak
choices to act
choices for boundaries
choices for expectations

choices to create the life you want to live

choices to be
choices to do
choices to experience what you want

making choices is a risk

every yes has a no
every no has a yes

what choices are you making that are a yes?
what choices are you making that are a no?

what is the value?
what is this worth?

what’s most important to you?
are you choosing that?

take the risk!

live your truth!

mind wandering

my mind confuses me with it’s wanderings
positive and negative

the negative i don’t like
worse case scenario
worrying about stuff that isn’t

i wonder why but i know
it’s not worth my time and additional worry
to ask why and worry some more

analysis and awareness is good
to create positive thoughts
create positive actions and outcomes

awareness for growth is good

worry is… pointless

being aware
choose who you want to be
choose what you want to do

choose what’s most important to you
think about what’s most important to you

choose positive
think positive
you will be positive

choose to live happy and grateful
in the present moment

choose to enjoy life fully
enjoy your experiences!

live your truth!

negative nagging voice inside my mind

fight of the little voice inside your head

sometimes whispering
sometimes roaring

awake at night

battling it out
words circling inside my head

silhouette of trees under starry night
Photo by Lorenzo Castellino on

starts as a whisper
and becomes a roar

good energy slipping and slipped away
imagining the worst of something that you don’t even believe will happen


many answers
are you willing to go deep within?

is what’s in your mind what you want?
what do you want?
what’s in the gap?

where did the thoughts come from?
what’s behind this?

do you still believe this?
is it an old truth?
what do you want the new truth to be?

be aware to your thoughts
you can choose your thoughts

not always easy, not always quick
to stop the whispering or the roar

do something to connect to yourself

  • visualize and imagine
  • be in nature
  • breathing
  • meditating
  • bring you awareness deeper with soul questions

do something to let it go

  • journaling
  • vigorous activity
  • cry it out
  • share it with a trusted friend
  • fire ceremony to write it out and burn it away

what have you done to quiet that whispering voice?
what have you done to tame that roar?
what have you done to let it out?

choose to let it go
choose to think and feel positive
choose to imagine and visualize what you want

live your truth!