gratitude is a truth in life

i use gratitude many ways
i have gratitude for all experiences
the good and the bad

labelling bad experiences as bad
doesn’t work in life
experiences are creating
desire and clarity for what you want

having desire and clarity
for what you want is good
experiences are giving
new knowledge and new ideas

for who you want to be
what you want to do
what you want to experience
creating growth, expansion, and
your life journey in present moment

judging to gratitude

one of the powerful ways
to use gratitude
turn judging into gratitude

at the end of the day
instead of judging yourself
think about what was good for your day
write down or journal about
what you’re grateful for

changing judging of self to gratitude
makes a big difference in life
instead of feeling stressed and anxious
you feel calm and relaxed
in the morning you wake with
energy and enthusiasm for a new day

negative to positive gratitude

also use gratitude in moments of frustration
turning negative feelings to positive feelings
you know the moments
when you aren’t getting what you want
it isn’t happening in the way you want it to

take a breath and ask
what’s most important?
connect in the present moment
feel gratitude for the moment
and what is being created

gratitude is a tool to
turn judging and overwhelm
to gratitude and calm

gratitude is a tool to
focus on what’s most important
turning negative feelings of frustration
to positive feelings of love, joy, and
gratitude in the present moment

how will you start using gratitude?

live your truth!

balance isn’t really a thing

do you want balance?
most likely you answered, yes!

balance is something we experience
for a moment or two

then life happens
we are back out of balance

balance in life isn’t having daily balance
balance in life is having balance in your life journey

what do you want in life now?

what do you want in life next week?
what do you want in life next month?
what do you want in life next year?

is what you want now, next week, next month, next year
all the same?

if yes

what is the result of what you want?
that is your balance in life, not balance
that want, that feeling

if no

that’s the balance of your life journey
growing and experiencing in different life areas
priorities change as we experience life

what do you want in life now?
how does that create balance in your life?

create your life!
live your truth!

self-confidence wanted

self-confidence is low
no faith and trust

low because of challenges
low because of struggles
low because of unmet expectations

it’s harder to be positive when struggling
doubt and fear find a way to sneak in
spiraling negative thoughts

this is a time when positive energy
and self-confidence are needed

what is doubt?

  • fearing capability
  • fearing failure
  • fearing judgement
  • not believing worthy
  • not believing deserving

thoughts and imagination negative
worry quick in mind
imagining worse case scenarios
(which is a 1% chance of happening)

why worry?
why doubt?
why fear?

it is part of being human
struggles and challenges
ups and downs are life

open to awareness of what you want
help you grow and become your best
challenge you be your authentic genuine being

how stop doubt?

how do you stop worry?
how do you stop doubt?
how do you stop fear?

how do you be confident?
how do you be positive thinking?
how do you have a positive attitude?


i am happy and grateful now!
i am happy and grateful now that…

affirmations and mantras
to repeat in your mind
to stop the negative train of thought

visualizing and imagining
who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what works for you to stop
worry doubt and fear?

  • gratitude
  • affirmations
  • visualizing
  • mantras
  • imagining
  • journaling
  • being in nature
  • meditating
  • exercise
  • singing

be aware of your thoughts
be aware of what works for you to stop negative thoughts

live your truth!

negative nagging voice inside my mind

fight of the little voice inside your head

sometimes whispering
sometimes roaring

awake at night

battling it out
words circling inside my head

silhouette of trees under starry night
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starts as a whisper
and becomes a roar

good energy slipping and slipped away
imagining the worst of something that you don’t even believe will happen


many answers
are you willing to go deep within?

is what’s in your mind what you want?
what do you want?
what’s in the gap?

where did the thoughts come from?
what’s behind this?

do you still believe this?
is it an old truth?
what do you want the new truth to be?

be aware to your thoughts
you can choose your thoughts

not always easy, not always quick
to stop the whispering or the roar

do something to connect to yourself

  • visualize and imagine
  • be in nature
  • breathing
  • meditating
  • bring you awareness deeper with soul questions

do something to let it go

  • journaling
  • vigorous activity
  • cry it out
  • share it with a trusted friend
  • fire ceremony to write it out and burn it away

what have you done to quiet that whispering voice?
what have you done to tame that roar?
what have you done to let it out?

choose to let it go
choose to think and feel positive
choose to imagine and visualize what you want

live your truth!

good and happy

so much good
so much happy

why do minds go to negative thoughts
and imaginings?

positive is so much more enjoyable

what triggers negative thoughts

negative thoughts, imaginings
past, present and future


i am thankful to be aware
and be able to choose

i wonder about feelings and emotions
and am curious to explore origins

what emotions have to teach me
from past and open me for the present and the future

positive thoughts, imaginings
a fulfilling future lived


what emotions run wild
what emotions get stuck
what emotions do i choose?

feel your emotions
choose your emotions

live your truth!


do you ever feel disconnected from yourself?

what other areas does that disconnect ripple into?

how do you know you are connected to yourself?

is awareness of yourself being connected to yourself?
what do you do to get connected to yourself?

  • journal
  • meditate
  • surround yourself in nature
  • breathing
  • visualizing

is awareness of yourself knowing what’s most important to you?
what do you want to know about yourself?

  • who do you want to be?
  • what do you want to do?
  • what do you want to experience?
  • what do you want to create?
  • how do you want to live?

is awareness of yourself being aware of your feelings?
what are you feeling now?

  • do you like this feeling?
  • did something trigger your feeling?
  • did you choose your feeling?
  • what do you relate this feeling to?
  • where do you feel this feeling in your body?

how do you want to connect to yourself today?
connect to you

live your truth!

what i want

what i want is to feel good
i want to feel happy
i want to feel love

sometimes what i want
isn’t what i feel

sometimes what i want
isn’t what i want

i need to breathe
look inside
what do i want?

is what i want what i am expecting?
am i expecting something different?

is what i want what’s important to me?
is this want important to me?

what am i feeling now?
is it what i want?

do i know why i am feeling this feeling?
what is it? why?

is this feeling what i want?
if no, what can i change to feel what i want?

what do you want to feel?
what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

live your truth!

present now

are you present to this moment right now?
what are you thinking?
what are you feeling?

are you aware of what you want in this moment?
how do you want to feel?
what do you want to experience?

do you have activities to bring you to the present moment?
to connect you to what’s going on?
to be aware of what you want?

do you need to take a broader perspective look?
do you need to take a narrower look?
what do you see?

do you need to check in with your body?
where can you release tension?
where can you allow touch and sensation to be present?

what thoughts are on your mind?
overwhelm and judging, or joy and love?
what questions can you ask yourself to become present?

what are you present to now?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to experience?

what do you want to create?
live your truth!


what makes you happy?
what rejuvenates you?
what centers you?
what grounds you?

what makes you laugh?
what makes you dance?
what makes you sing?
what makes you shout?

what makes you grateful?
what calms you?
what balances you?
what connects you?

what makes you excited?
what gives you energy?
what makes you enthusiastic?
what gets you creating?

what do you want to feel now?

live your truth!