Life Balance

Have you ever felt like you were going around in circles? Are you feeling life is out of balance?

Life happens, being out of balance happens. Learn truths to create a strong foundation and go the direction you want to. Stop bouncing back and forth between this and that, find balance each day and enjoy time for you. Find your center and direct your life to experience what’s most important to you.

Learn truths to live a balanced life journey.

  • Awareness
  • Connecting
  • Choosing

Connect to your inner wisdom and personal power to find balance in your life. Connect to others and nature learning the truths to create the life of your dreams, doing your thing.

  • Mini-Workshop – Life Balance: How to Get Centered
  • Reflection and/or Walk
  • Lunch (included)
  • Create a mini-relaxation fountain

Friday October 6th, 2023

Richardson Nature Center
8737 E Bush Lake Rd
Bloomington, MN

Registration $197
Early Bird Special $147 (until Sept. 20th)
(5% given to environmental nonprofit charity)