deep connecting

summer is a time of deep connecting for me

i’m out in nature a lot more

surrounded by growth and beauty
surrounded by abundance and freedom
surrounded by energy and flow
surrounded by peace and calm

when i’m in these settings my mind quiets
sometimes my mind wanders

thinking about how the beauty and cycles of nature are in my life
thinking about how the abundance in nature is in my life
thinking about the energy that flows through me and all that is
thinking about how relaxed and rejuvenated i feel after being in nature

surrounded by nature i am


what do you get in nature?

do you get as connected as i do?

feeling connected to your inner being?
feeling connected to nature?
feeling connected to all that is?
feeling connected to the universe?

connect to your inner being!

live your truth!

love unconditional

love myself unconditionally

give to myself in abundance
don’t judge

love unconditionally

love and trust myself
love and trust others
love and trust the universe

love myself
have boundaries and expectations

love unconditionally

allow others to be their authentic whole self
accept others flaws and fancies
give love with no expectation

love unconditionally

live your truth!

go with the flow

what’s the current of your life river?

  • smooth
  • slow
  • quick
  • rapid
  • shallow
  • deep
  • swirling

what’s flowing in your life?
what’s not flowing in your life?

green trees surrounding lake
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what do you want to let flow?
what do you want to let go?
what do you need to accept and go with the flow?

what is going on in your environment right now?

  • change
  • celebration
  • transition
  • overwhelm
  • fear
  • love
  • joy

what do you want to allow?
what do you want to change?
what do you want to let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

where is your life river taking you?

  • dreams
  • desires
  • family expectations
  • community expectations
  • abundance
  • freedom
  • love

what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

what will you allow?
what will you change?
what will you let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

live your truth!

this is life

this is life
what is it?

who are you being?
what are you doing?
what are you experiencing?

what are you feeling?
what are you creating?

is life the way that you want it to be?
are you enjoying your life?

this is life

this is life
what do you want your life to be?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what do you want to feel?
what do you want to create?

this is life
you are the creator of your life

be who you want to be
do what you want to do
experience what you want to experience

feel what you want to feel
create what you want to create

be present
be connected
be love
be you!

do connect
do give
do receive
do you!

enjoy the journey
enjoy abundance
enjoy freedom
enjoy you!

this is life
be, do, experience

live your truth!


i am ready to let go and say hello to change. and that scares me!

trust the universe! trust myself!

i know that what i vision for me is. trust it! grow it!

allow the abundance of the universe to create the life that i want to live and enjoy.


trust. believe. imagine. create. love. let go. allow. trust!

be! do! experience! live!

what do you need to let go of? what change do you want to say hello to?

Live your truth!