the empowering choice: trusting yourself

it’s a world of external pressures
endless advice
and opinions

you have a valuable asset self-trust

a simple and profound choice
choose to trust yourself

trust will create your life
trust will create love
trust will create your dreams and desires

trust will empower you to
overcome challenges and
unlock your full potential

embrace your authentic being

you are a unique individual
with your own values and beliefs
your own dreams and desires

honor your true self
create a life genuinely yours
with awareness and alignment

allow your inner wisdom to guide you
creating fulfillment
and purpose

choosing to trust yourself

connecting to your inner strength
builds confidence in your choices
overcomes fear and self-doubt

empowering your growth
stepping out of your comfort zone
pursuing your dreams

creating a solid foundation
for lifes ups and downs
you become stronger and wiser

trusting you

is empowering and life changing
you embark on a journey of self-discovery
unlocking your full potential

creating a life truly your own
living your truth
being you

doing what’s most important to you
experiencing happiness and fulfillment
creating your dreams and desires

live your truth!

what’s your story?

how are you?
how is your life?

not just good
not just fine

i want your life to be

  • amazing!
  • abundant!
  • joyful!
  • fulfilling!
  • positive energy!

do you wonder

  • why am i here?
  • what’s my purpose
  • where am i going?

what are you struggling with?
what do you want to change?

do you want to reconnect
and embrace your wild?

do you want to be more authentic
to live your truth?

do you want to bravely
and confidently live your dreams?

i want your life to be

  • amazing!
  • abundant!
  • joyful!
  • fulfilling!
  • positive energy!

dare to live your truth!
schedule a discovery call to start your journey now!

create your life!
live your truth!

self-confidence wanted

self-confidence is low
no faith and trust

low because of challenges
low because of struggles
low because of unmet expectations

it’s harder to be positive when struggling
doubt and fear find a way to sneak in
spiraling negative thoughts

this is a time when positive energy
and self-confidence are needed

what is doubt?

  • fearing capability
  • fearing failure
  • fearing judgement
  • not believing worthy
  • not believing deserving

thoughts and imagination negative
worry quick in mind
imagining worse case scenarios
(which is a 1% chance of happening)

why worry?
why doubt?
why fear?

it is part of being human
struggles and challenges
ups and downs are life

open to awareness of what you want
help you grow and become your best
challenge you be your authentic genuine being

how stop doubt?

how do you stop worry?
how do you stop doubt?
how do you stop fear?

how do you be confident?
how do you be positive thinking?
how do you have a positive attitude?


i am happy and grateful now!
i am happy and grateful now that…

affirmations and mantras
to repeat in your mind
to stop the negative train of thought

visualizing and imagining
who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what works for you to stop
worry doubt and fear?

  • gratitude
  • affirmations
  • visualizing
  • mantras
  • imagining
  • journaling
  • being in nature
  • meditating
  • exercise
  • singing

be aware of your thoughts
be aware of what works for you to stop negative thoughts

live your truth!

easy and simple

life can be easy and simple
but there are so many gray areas

contradicting wants
do i know what i really want?
what’s most important if they are contradicting?

maybe some of it’s old beliefs
still overpowering new beliefs

old habits
still overpowering new habits

for who i want to be
what i want to do

to be

it seems so easy
in my mind it’s easy

maybe it’s not supposed to be easy
so we experience life
challenge is growth

i look forward to simply being!

living in the moment

live your truth!


life is constant re-balancing
what, or where, do you feel that life isn’t how you want it to be?

do you feel that you are off balance, or out of control?
should you have control?
what’s needed is to let go and allow

what should you allow?
what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

what’s important in this moment?
will a certain outcome for this moment, this challenge
this time in your life, have as big of an effect that you are feeling now?

can you let go the overwhelm, control, stress, anxiety and allow life to flow?
let life flow to a new balance

live your truth!

what to choose

when life comes at you full on, what do you choose?
how do you respond?

are you aware to what’s most important to you?
or are you stuck in anger? stress? overwhelm?

are you making choices by others expectations or your expectations?
what are your values?
what are your needs?
what do you want?

when life is challenging how do you react?
what’s going on in your body?
what’s going on in your mind?
what are you feeling?

what’s most important to you?
is your choice guided by your values?
is your choice guided by your needs?
is your choice guided by your wants?

live your truth!

gratitude growth

how do you live in life’s challenges and celebrations?
life is ups and downs, ebbs and flows
who do you be? what do you do?
when life experiences and moments are challenging?

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do you feel love and gratitude?
are you positive and happy?
do you have gratitude in growth?
in being, in doing and in experiencing

do you have love? curiosity?
do you let go and allow?
do you choose positive?
do you choose what’s most important to you?

choose love and gratitude
choose to be positive and happy
choose gratitude in the experiences and moments
in being, in doing and in experiencing

live your truth!

remain positive

remain calm
remain positive
remain calm is a common phrase. why isn’t remain positive?

are you positive?
what does being positive mean to you?
what would remaining positive mean to you?

we are facing challenges every day
multiple challenges every day
good and bad challenges (why label at all, they can all have good)

the challenges that we face, are also some of our greatest celebrations
our most important celebrations
what we are most grateful for in our lives

what are your celebrations?
what are you most grateful for?
do your celebrations, gratitude, and challenges relate to one another in some way?

challenges can bring you down
drain your positivity
what is your positivity right now?

what do you do to remain positive?
what do you do to raise your positivity?
what are you grateful for?

be positive!
live your truth!

up and down

up and down!
life challenges!
what should you choose?
what should you do?
how do you let go?
what should be pushed?
how should you guide?
who are you being?
who do you want to be?

good and bad
who decides? it just is
nothing is good, nothing is bad
it’s a life experience
all life experience is good
how do you respond to your life experiences?
what can you learn from your life experiences?
what are you experiencing?
what do you want to experience?

are you doing all that you can?
what are you questioning?
who do you want to be?
will you do it?
will you be the you that you want to be?
will you do what you want to do?
will you do what you want to experience?

are you grateful?
sometimes yes, sometimes no
be present
allow others being
in my challenges and ups and downs of life experiences
this is some of who i want to be
and some of what i want to do

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

live your truth!