break free from limitations

are you
playing roles
wearing masks

self-imposed limitations
act as invisible walls
trapping us in comfort zones

break free from these limitations
embark on new adventures
empower you to live a life
that is fulfilling and meaningful

break free from limitations
identify your limiting beliefs
reflect on the beliefs that have held you back

do you think you’re
not good enough
not deserving
too old to change

challenge your beliefs
ask yourself
are these beliefs based on reality,
or are they just stories I’ve been telling myself?

replace limiting beliefs
with empowering goals
what you truly want

move beyond
your comfort zone
embrace new possibilities

the empowering choice: trusting yourself

it’s a world of external pressures
endless advice
and opinions

you have a valuable asset self-trust

a simple and profound choice
choose to trust yourself

trust will create your life
trust will create love
trust will create your dreams and desires

trust will empower you to
overcome challenges and
unlock your full potential

embrace your authentic being

you are a unique individual
with your own values and beliefs
your own dreams and desires

honor your true self
create a life genuinely yours
with awareness and alignment

allow your inner wisdom to guide you
creating fulfillment
and purpose

choosing to trust yourself

connecting to your inner strength
builds confidence in your choices
overcomes fear and self-doubt

empowering your growth
stepping out of your comfort zone
pursuing your dreams

creating a solid foundation
for lifes ups and downs
you become stronger and wiser

trusting you

is empowering and life changing
you embark on a journey of self-discovery
unlocking your full potential

creating a life truly your own
living your truth
being you

doing what’s most important to you
experiencing happiness and fulfillment
creating your dreams and desires

live your truth!

day in and day out

are you living in an endless loop?
day-in and day-out

today the same as yesterday
tomorrow the same as today

are you being pulled
in multiple directions
feeling overwhelm
feeling stress

what would happen if i ran away from it all?

do you want
one day
half a day
just one hour!
for you?

do you have a shoulda-gotta list
the never-ending list

  • things to get done at home
  • errands to run
  • activities and events to prepare for
  • get ready for
  • then actually attend if you still have the energy
  • work you brought home
  • walk the dog
  • home, yard and vehicle to maintain

nothing on the shoulda-gotta list
is for you!

you are worthy of
your interests and passions.

take action for yourself
even a small step

and you are stepping
into your personal power
taking the first step putting yourself first

live your truth!

take back your power

what’s missing in your life?
what do you want to happen
that isn’t happening now?

what do you want to change in your life?
what do you want?
what’s stopping that?

low angle shot photography of green trees
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what’s most important to you?

when you are living what’s most important to you
what does that look like?
what does that mean to you?
how does that feel?

what can you do today
to live what’s most important to you?

create your life!
live your truth!

no, yes!

What are you saying ‘no’ to? What are you saying ‘yes’ to?

Saying ‘yes’ to what makes you happy and feel the positive feelings of love, joy, gratitude, peace, serenity and abundance empowers you to continue saying ‘yes’ more and more. Your confidence and self-image of being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and experiencing what you want to experience becomes stronger and begins to grow and expand. Your choices create more opportunities for you to experience more and more happiness and positive experiences.


Albert Einstein said, “I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.” What are you willing to start saying ‘no’ to so you can begin saying ‘yes’ to being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and experiencing what you want to experience.