connect in preset moment

living in present moment requires connecting to your inner wisdom and connecting to your inner wisdom comes from curiosity to awareness. when you are connected to your inner being you become awake and aware to what’s most important to you. discover and connect to your love and energy and explore how to live your truth in present moment.

connect to your dreams and desires and direct your life experiences. create your days to enjoy living a balanced life. connect to yourself to enjoy what’s most important to you. enjoy living your truth with confidence you are fulfilling your dreams and desires and doing and experiencing what’s most important to you.

live your truth

being aware, living in present moment awareness, and choosing what is most important now is living your truth. living your truth is being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, experiencing what you want to experience, and creating the life you want to live in present moment.

living your truth you wake with enthusiasm, energy, and excitement to play, experience, and create a new day. living your truth you enjoy your journey fully sharing and experiencing the moments of life. living your truth you go to sleep feeling filled with love, joy and gratitude for the day and for life.

are you fully living? are you living in present moment? i want you to create the life of your dreams and desires. i want you to live your truth.


awareness is a truth in life. knowing your values, who you are, and what’s most important to you is your foundation.

awareness is knowing where you are and where you want to go. awareness is knowing what you want to do, what you want to experience and who you want to be. 

values are a belief that is meaningful to you. your values align with who you are. awareness and living your values create your foundation to live the life you want to live in present moment. values are your priorities that tell you how to spend your time, right here, right now. Stephen Covey says “(Values) are the source of our passions in life, and they help us determine where we focus our energies.

a worthy ideal is what you define it to be. a worthy ideal is the vision of the person you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience, and how you want to feel being, doing and experiencing your vision. your worthy ideal is all about you; what is most important to you, what fulfills you, what do you enjoy, what makes you happy? simply it’s being who you want to be, doing and experiencing what is most important to you in present moment.

the pieces that make your vision are what I define as your life dreams and desires. your dreams and desires are those things having accomplished or experienced make you feel your life is a success. your dreams and desires while being pursued will have you feeling fulfilled in your life journey. your dreams and desires create purpose and passion in present moment.

dreams and desires bring meaning to our life. dreams and desires are the journeys and experiences that fill our lives with what is most important to us in present moment.

life is a journey! it is not the destination that brings growth, fulfillment, and happiness, it is the journey and experiences that bring the excitement and energy, happiness, and success, into our lives. the journey is the present moment.

we learn where we are and where we want to go. we learn who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to experience, and the life we want to live. all the experiences, the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows of life, the challenges and celebrations all bring awareness to what we want and what we are creating. T.S Eliot says, “Every moment is a fresh beginning.”


connecting to yourself creating the life you want with awareness. knowing your values and what’s most important to you, making choices to live your truth feeling gratitude is living your truth. trusting the journey, the Universe, God, your awareness and connecting will expand you being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and experiencing what you want to experience.

when you connect to your dreams and desires you will enjoy life living in present moment.

you are deserving of all your dreams and desires to live with purpose and passion. to wake each day with enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. to enjoy your journey, living each day with awareness in present moment and feeling gratitude. to go to sleep feeling love, joy, and gratitude.

“We are always becoming, we are always creating! Today you are more than you were yesterday, and tomorrow you are more than you are today.”

you know where you currently are in this moment and where you want to be in this moment. as you become who you want to be, do what you want to do and experience what you want to experience, you will be living your truth, living a fulfilling life journey in present moment.

create your life!
live your truth!

crisis of purpose

have you ever felt
your dreams and plans
got lost along the way?

you started down a path
you thought was yours
to find yourself
questioning your purpose
feeling lost in the process

rediscover your purpose
find a new sense of fulfillment
make the next phase
of your life’s journey
even more enjoyable

lost dreams

life often begins with a clear path
filled with dreams and aspirations
you set goals, make plans
eagerly take your first steps toward
what you believe is your true purpose

somewhere along the way
life’s unpredictability
weight of responsibilities
cause your dreams to blur
your plans to derail

feeling discouraged
feeling like you’re far from
where you thought you’d be

crisis of purpose

dreams seem to fade
into the background
you find yourself experiencing
crisis of purpose

you ask yourself questions
what am I doing with my life?
is this all there is?

these moments of uncertainty
feeling lost and disconnected
from true passions

rediscovery journey

losing your way
doesn’t have to be
the end of the road
it can be the beginning
of a new and exciting journey

rediscover your purpose with

  • reflect
    take time to think about what truly matters to you
  • explore
    don’t be afraid to explore new interests and hobbies
  • grow
    invest in self-improvement and personal growth

embrace the next phase

embarking on this journey
of rediscovery
find a renewed sense of purpose
awareness of your passions
aligning with your true self
bringing fulfillment and contentment

losing your way in life
can be a disheartening experience
it doesn’t have to define your future

taking time to rediscover your purpose
you transform a period of uncertainty
into a journey of self-discovery and growth

your lost dreams and plans
serve as valuable lessons
guiding you towards
a more meaningful and enjoyable
next phase of your life’s journey

if you’re feeling lost
it might just be the beginning
of something wonderful

create your life!
live your truth!

live life fully

are you lving your life fully?

do you want with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for the day?
do you enjoy the moments of your life?
do you go to sleep feeling filled with love, joy, and gratitude?

are you doing what you want to do?
are you doing what’s most important to you?

create the life you want to live
doing what you want to do!

make choices to live by your values
make choices to do what’s most important to you

living your truth
you wake with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement
to play, experience, and create a new day

living your truth
you enjoy your journey fully
sharing and experiencing the moments of life

living your truth
you go to sleep feeling filled with love, joy and gratitude
for the day and for life

create your life
live your truth!

no worries

i’m at the lake
not worrying about the day-to-day activities

the day-to-day activities are still happening
i’m still aware and concerned
i’m not as involved

i’m allowing it to flow without me
it’s a good change
allowing others to be more responsible and whole

what can i do to retain this level of no worry?
this way of experiencing and sharing life

live your truth!

this is life

this is life
what is it?

who are you being?
what are you doing?
what are you experiencing?

what are you feeling?
what are you creating?

is life the way that you want it to be?
are you enjoying your life?

this is life

this is life
what do you want your life to be?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what do you want to feel?
what do you want to create?

this is life
you are the creator of your life

be who you want to be
do what you want to do
experience what you want to experience

feel what you want to feel
create what you want to create

be present
be connected
be love
be you!

do connect
do give
do receive
do you!

enjoy the journey
enjoy abundance
enjoy freedom
enjoy you!

this is life
be, do, experience

live your truth!


what firsts do you remember?

  • kiss
  • car
  • stealing 3rd base
  • day of school
  • date

what do you remember about it?

what were you anticipating?

green gray tall trees

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what do you want to anticipate now?

what first can you do now?

what do you want to do or experience that you have not before?

  • learn something new
  • eat a new food
  • travel to a new vacation spot
  • visit a new park
  • try a new sport

tell me about your first

live your truth!

what’s your journey?

taking action to achieve my goals has been a lot like taking a canoe journey. when paddling a canoe, to move forward you paddle on both sides of the canoe. in life, to achieve your vision, you take action on goals in all areas of your life.

every journey and goal is different; you never know what your challenges will be, or when you will be challenged during your journey. the effort required to paddle, to take action towards your vision and goals can and will change.

our goals are like the ripples in the water from paddling the canoe, one expanding into another, effecting and joining one another.

brown wooden canoe near trees

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on my various canoe journeys i’ve had many different experiences. i’ve been able to paddle leisurely. i’ve been faced with a challenge; a light wind, a strong wind, rain, or a change in direction.

in life there are times when your priority and focus will be on one area of your life and you will spend more time on the goals related to that area of your life to grow and achieve your vision. in these moments paddling, or taking actions for your goals, will be slow and steady to keep you moving forward.

on my canoe adventures i have had to change directions to make it to my destination. changing directions in a canoe requires you paddle more on one side of the canoe than the other. i have changed directions and was going into the wind so i needed to use more focused effort and energy. i have moved into a new direction and the wind was less and the paddling was easier because i wasn’t fighting against the wind.

there are times in life that you need to change directions, the goals you have may no longer be leading you to the vision that you have for yourself. in life changing your goals to achieve your vision may require more discipline and focus, or the goal may be easier because you are not fighting against the challenges that you faced going in the wrong direction.

there are times when i’ve been paddling in the right direction but a strong wind challenged me and i put forth a lot of energy and effort. paddling through challenges requires more determination and focus on your final destination in order to arrive to it. i didn’t let the wind stop me from reaching my destination; i’ve had to paddle with stronger and quicker strokes, i’ve had to move closer to shore stop and let the wind calm or the rain pass. i’ve gone with the flow letting the current carry me to rest, refresh and rejuvenate before continuing on my journey. i’ve had to ask for help in paddling, both to stop paddling and to begin paddling.

there are times when taking action on your goals you will have challenges; negative feelings of overwhelm doubt or worry, negative opinions from others, or a change in another area of your life. it is important to keep taking action towards your goals and move through and grow through the challenges you will face.

i have felt overwhelm when trying to achieve my goals. and the overwhelming feeling is accompanied with thoughts of doubt and worry, and questions of “how?” and “am i going to make it through?” at these times i take time to become aware of where i am, where i’ve been focusing my energies and actions. have i been taking action on one area of my life and neglecting another that i am out of balance and need to realign? do i need to let go and go with the flow?

most often when overwhelm tries to get to me it is because i’m not prioritizing my life and i haven’t had balance for too long. not too long ago i was feeling overwhelm and i became aware that it was because i wasn’t putting my health – specifically my physical activity as a priority. i was neglecting my morning exercise; running, yoga strength and stretching. and i know that when i’m not physically active, i’m affected in all areas of my life. it’s like ripples in the water disturbing and merging with the others. i’m not able to do my best, because i’m not physically my best.

it is important while on your journey, taking action to reach your goal, that you enjoy the journey! happiness comes from the experiences on your journey, not from reaching the final destination. reaching your final destination, achieving your goals is a time for celebration. during your journey and at the end of your journey practice being in present moment awareness. and as one journey ends, be ready for a new journey to begin.

enjoy the challenges of your journey!

live your truth!

smile. breathe.

at this moment, i’m happy. smiling.

i have so much to smile and be happy about! my sweet kiddos, in the moment, enjoying life. they teach me so much (that’s for another time).

woman wearing grey long sleeved top photography

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just moments ago i was frustrated, overwhelmed, feeling the stress that i put onto myself. i consistently plan too much in my days. and today is one of those days, i know this and i was coming “to terms” with what i won’t be getting to today in a not so graceful way.

enter my sweet kids, their energy and being in the moment…

now, i’m smiling and breathing peacefully. i’m going to go outside for a walk like i planned (and then un-planned). i will admit that it won’t be as long a walk as i want it to be though, still, i’m putting me first (this is for another time too).

be in the moment! choose what makes you happy and smile. choose what makes the rise of your shoulders release and feel the tension ease out.

smile! breathe!

live your truth!

how old are you?

did i just make you cringe? what feelings do you have when you are asked how old you are? many people wonder why someone wants to know, thoughts of what are they going to tell me to be aware of or watch out for. many of us start thinking about what we are supposed to expect at a coming age, what dire changes are up ahead?

do you have expectations for different ages? did you, do you, look forward to certain things happening at each age? 

does any of what you expect seem like fun to you? it seems to me that aging has a negative feeling connected to it, people don’t want to get older or admit how old they are because there are more negative associations with aging than positive.

does your age in years define any part of your life? do you let age determine what you can and can’t do? or what you decide to do or not do? why?

i don’t believe any of it. why should age influence what you want? age doesn’t define you. why not go for what you want no matter what your age. experiences are more to living than age, so let your age beliefs go and focus on experiences.

woman standing near yellow petaled flower

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as i “age” my experiences are expanding and i’m becoming more wise and free from judgement. i’m learning more about who i am, what i like, what i want to enjoy and bring into my life. i look forward to many activities and experiences.

and i’ll let you in on a little secret, age doesn’t have anything to do with what we can and can’t do! yes, as we age, we definitely change, but i believe more of our age beliefs are in our head and not in our body and mind.

if you want to do something, and you are in a body and mind that can do it, do it! go out and enjoy it! be the “old” man swimming in a speedo, or the “old” woman running a 10K in a sports bra.

write the book that’s been on your mind, try the new activity you see so many “young” people enjoying, start something you always dreamed of doing.

you are wiser and your past experiences bring more to the new experiences that you enjoy. live life and keep growing and expanding, not letting age hold you back keeps you young, and is expanding your life for each experience.

now’s your time! if you feel it, do! you are never to old to keep enjoying many different experiences, both old and new to you. what i want for you, is for you to add some new experiences into your life!

expand and grow, always, until the end of this life experience!

live your truth!

what do you enjoy?

i love sitting on my steps and seeing green! trees and green beyond. sunshine shining, reflecting, dancing, shimmering and glittering on the leaves. listening to twittering birds and insects hums. i love nature and sitting outside and getting immersed in it.


what do you enjoy?

what gives you peace?

what makes you happy?

enjoy that today.

live your truth!