gratitude is a truth in life

i use gratitude many ways
i have gratitude for all experiences
the good and the bad

labelling bad experiences as bad
doesn’t work in life
experiences are creating
desire and clarity for what you want

having desire and clarity
for what you want is good
experiences are giving
new knowledge and new ideas

for who you want to be
what you want to do
what you want to experience
creating growth, expansion, and
your life journey in present moment

judging to gratitude

one of the powerful ways
to use gratitude
turn judging into gratitude

at the end of the day
instead of judging yourself
think about what was good for your day
write down or journal about
what you’re grateful for

changing judging of self to gratitude
makes a big difference in life
instead of feeling stressed and anxious
you feel calm and relaxed
in the morning you wake with
energy and enthusiasm for a new day

negative to positive gratitude

also use gratitude in moments of frustration
turning negative feelings to positive feelings
you know the moments
when you aren’t getting what you want
it isn’t happening in the way you want it to

take a breath and ask
what’s most important?
connect in the present moment
feel gratitude for the moment
and what is being created

gratitude is a tool to
turn judging and overwhelm
to gratitude and calm

gratitude is a tool to
focus on what’s most important
turning negative feelings of frustration
to positive feelings of love, joy, and
gratitude in the present moment

how will you start using gratitude?

live your truth!

unlocking your potential

self-doubt to self-belief
journey to living your dreams

have you doubted yourself
when your dreams felt
distant and unreachable?

moments when self-doubt
our aspirations

transition from disbelief
self-trust, courage, and confidence
an empowering world

dare to live
your dreams and desires
with awareness and positive mindset

barrier to believing in yourself

self-doubt is a roadblock
preventing belief
in yourself

from imposter syndrome
to the fear of failure

acknowledge your self-doubt
it’s normal to have
moments of uncertainty

how do you respond to these moments?


awareness is the first key
to transformation
recognizing self-doubt when it creeps in

reflect on your feelings and thoughts
journaling or practicing meditation
become more aware of your doubts
being mindful of your thoughts and actions
gain power to challenge and transform them

power of positive mindset

positive mindset is
your greatest weapon
against self-doubt

replace negative self-talk
with uplifting affirmations
surround yourself with positivity
believe in your capabilities
everyone started from a place of uncertainty

stay resilient and patient

transformation takes time
you might face setbacks
moments of doubt

the journey to living your dreams
is power of awareness
and a positive mindset

embrace your doubts
as stepping stones
not stumbling blocks

believe in yourself!
create your life!
live your truth!

did you miss an opportunity?

do you feel a nagging in your gut
or a pulling on your heart?

have opportunities slipped away
you missed the signals from your body
were influenced by opinions of others’ around you?

do you want to make a shift
you are feeling chances are slipping away

but you have no idea where to begin

many midlife women trust
life decisions to others’ opinions and
feel they have missed their opportunity

the truth is

you have your own intuition
an inner wisdom to guide
you can trust

trust your intuition

to create your dreams and desires
to live your dreams and desires

don’t be attached to anything
anything and everything is possible

have a mind that is open to anything
your heart, gut, eyes, ears
all your body is communicating to you
through senses, feelings, and energy

reconnect to your intuition

reconnect to your inner wisdom
reclaim your personal power

do you want to make a change
take the first step so that you reconnect
to your inner wisdom
your intuition
and feel whole worthy and deserving

download your 15 minute guide
to stepping into your personal power

live your truth!

stop negative thoughts with sacred life questions

my mind is imagining the negative
imagining the worst case scenarios
things that will never happen

yet my mind stays in the negative spiral
circling deeper and deeper
hard to stop the doom and gloom images

my imaginings become conversations
conversations in my mind
thinking how experiences could go

the experiences play out negative in my mind
images bringing me deeper and deeper into a negative
i want it to stop, but i can’t get it to stop

with a question the negative mind wanderings became positve

in the many different experiences
playing out in my mind
the conversation offered a question

during the conversation in my mind
for the negative feeling imagined experience
i said, “what i wanted…”

wow! what i wanted is…
a simple thought
a simple statement in my mind

ask yourself during negative mind wanderings
what do i want?
answer, what i want is…

what do i want?

what do you want to experience?
what do you want to do?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to create?

when your mind is wandering the negative
seemingly neverending doom and gloom
ask – what do i want?

open to awareness
connect to what you want
your negative imaginings will switch to positive imaginings

the question is a sacred question
it connects you to your inner being
it connects you to love

open to your inner being
ask sacred questions
be curious to become aware and change positive to negative

sacred questions are
what do i want?
what’s most important?

what sacred questions do you have?

live your truth!
create your life!

what’s important

asking yourself “what’s most important?”
asking yourself “what do i want?”

what is your vision?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

how do you want to live?
how do you want to feel?
what do you want to create?

what’s most important now?

create your life!
live your truth!

balance isn’t really a thing

do you want balance?
most likely you answered, yes!

balance is something we experience
for a moment or two

then life happens
we are back out of balance

balance in life isn’t having daily balance
balance in life is having balance in your life journey

what do you want in life now?

what do you want in life next week?
what do you want in life next month?
what do you want in life next year?

is what you want now, next week, next month, next year
all the same?

if yes

what is the result of what you want?
that is your balance in life, not balance
that want, that feeling

if no

that’s the balance of your life journey
growing and experiencing in different life areas
priorities change as we experience life

what do you want in life now?
how does that create balance in your life?

create your life!
live your truth!

experience life fully

are you experiencing life fully?

are you fulfilled?
do you live in abundance?
do you live with freedom?

what does fulfillment mean to you?
what does abundance mean to you?
what does freedom mean to you?

what does fulfillment feel like?
what does abundance feel like?
what does freedom feel like?

create fulfillment, abundance, and freedom in your life!

choose what’s meaningful to you
choose what feels good
choose experiences to fulfill you!

create your life
live your truth!


overwhelmed setting new year’s resolutions
overwhelmed setting goals for this year

lost thinking about all you want
wants growing more and more

feeling the lack of this
feeling the lack of that

stop right now!


where were you?
where are you now?

how far have you come?
you have achieved great success!

where are you now?
where do you want to go?

you will achieve that
you will get to where you want to go!

live your truth!