allow life to flow

what am i doing wrong?

do you ever wonder that too?

what did i do wrong?
what did i mess up?
what did i miss?

maybe it’s nothing
maybe i’m judging too much
and living too little

can i let stuff go
and allow life to flow?

can i simply choose to be and to do
what feels good and positive?

to let go worry and fear
to choose gratitude
and what i want

live your truth!

deep connecting

summer is a time of deep connecting for me

i’m out in nature a lot more

surrounded by growth and beauty
surrounded by abundance and freedom
surrounded by energy and flow
surrounded by peace and calm

when i’m in these settings my mind quiets
sometimes my mind wanders

thinking about how the beauty and cycles of nature are in my life
thinking about how the abundance in nature is in my life
thinking about the energy that flows through me and all that is
thinking about how relaxed and rejuvenated i feel after being in nature

surrounded by nature i am


what do you get in nature?

do you get as connected as i do?

feeling connected to your inner being?
feeling connected to nature?
feeling connected to all that is?
feeling connected to the universe?

connect to your inner being!

live your truth!

love trust faith

love yourself
trust yourself
have faith

glad young woman touching shoulders
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love you
give to you
allow your authentic being to be you

trust yourself
trust your journey
trust the universe

have faith
in your love
in your trust

be who you want to be
do what you want to do
experience what you want to experience

you will create what you want to create
who you want to be
how you want to live

faith is allowing energy to flow to you
faith is allowing energy to flow through you

connect to your inner being in the present moment
know all is well and all will be
you are living the life you are supposed to live

live your truth!

go with the flow

what’s the current of your life river?

  • smooth
  • slow
  • quick
  • rapid
  • shallow
  • deep
  • swirling

what’s flowing in your life?
what’s not flowing in your life?

green trees surrounding lake
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what do you want to let flow?
what do you want to let go?
what do you need to accept and go with the flow?

what is going on in your environment right now?

  • change
  • celebration
  • transition
  • overwhelm
  • fear
  • love
  • joy

what do you want to allow?
what do you want to change?
what do you want to let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

where is your life river taking you?

  • dreams
  • desires
  • family expectations
  • community expectations
  • abundance
  • freedom
  • love

what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

what will you allow?
what will you change?
what will you let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

live your truth!

what is your energy?

are you aware of your energy?
your physical energy?
your emotional energy?
your mental energy?

body of water during golden hour
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what is your energy now?
positive or negative?
high or low?
flowing or blocked?

what do you want your energy to be?
where do you want your energy to be?
what energy do you want to take in?
what energy do you want to give out?

what gives you energy?
sport activity

feel your energy
let your energy flow

live your truth!


life is constant re-balancing
what, or where, do you feel that life isn’t how you want it to be?

do you feel that you are off balance, or out of control?
should you have control?
what’s needed is to let go and allow

what should you allow?
what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

what’s important in this moment?
will a certain outcome for this moment, this challenge
this time in your life, have as big of an effect that you are feeling now?

can you let go the overwhelm, control, stress, anxiety and allow life to flow?
let life flow to a new balance

live your truth!

river of life

i like to think of my life as a flowing river. all the different currents are my dreams and desires creating my life journey.

body of water between green leaf trees

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the middle currents are faster and free flowing. the currents are the goals and desires that are grounded and centered in your core being.

the currents along the edges are slower having to feel the way and learn while moving along the river. the currents are dreams and desires for experiencing life fully and fulfilling your being.

sometimes there are obstacles, rocks and logs that block the flow of the currents. the obstacles slow the current down and need to be removed or navigated around for the current to continue it’s journey down the river.

what obstacles are in your river? what are you doing to remove them and get around the obstacle?

what does your river look like right now? rivers are constantly moving and changing. the currents are constantly moving and changing.

what are the dreams and desires in the currents of your river? what is the life journey all of your currents are creating in your river of life?

live your truth!


something that i want to develop more is my intuition.

recognizing my intuition and listening to it, following it.

how does intuition show up in your life?

in my life it’s the little nudges, i should grab … i should call… i might want this…

when do you listen to your intuition? when don’t you listen to your intuition?

on this journey of expanding my awareness to intuition one of the triggers that is sometimes true for me when i’m not listening to my intuition is that i’m choosing a “should” instead of a “want”.

i’ve noticed that when i’ve chosen not to follow my intuition i was second guessing myself, pushing myself to do something that didn’t feel comfortable.

how does it feel when you are listening to your intuition? and when you’re not?

i felt anxious, like i had done something wrong and had to defend my decision when i didn’t listen to my intuition.

when i listen to my intuition i feel positively challenged, and that i was flowing with the river of life and connected to my inner being.

what does your intuition tell you?

live your truth!