break free from limitations

are you
playing roles
wearing masks

self-imposed limitations
act as invisible walls
trapping us in comfort zones

break free from these limitations
embark on new adventures
empower you to live a life
that is fulfilling and meaningful

break free from limitations
identify your limiting beliefs
reflect on the beliefs that have held you back

do you think you’re
not good enough
not deserving
too old to change

challenge your beliefs
ask yourself
are these beliefs based on reality,
or are they just stories I’ve been telling myself?

replace limiting beliefs
with empowering goals
what you truly want

move beyond
your comfort zone
embrace new possibilities

go go go

are you going to stay unhappy?
or take action to make a change?

are you meeting the needs
of the moment
instead of the needs you have?

what life do you dream of living?

do you want to make a change
to live a more fulfilling life
your dreams and desires
living with purpose

living your dreams and desires

you can trust you are directing
your life and
living with purpose

decide what you want
keep choosing what you want

focus and be patient
thinking about what you want

love what you do
do what you love

trust you are choosing

what’s true to you
and create your freedom
living your dreams and desires

create your life!
live your truth!

are you living in shadow?

being afraid of being judged?
being afraid of not being accepted?
being afraid of not being loved?

feeling unworthy or undeserving
have no idea where to begin
do you want to make a shift?

trusting life decisions
to others’ opinions
is not how to live your truth

the truth is

you have your own personal power
trust you can live your passion
trust you can live with purpose

decide what you want
keep choosing what you want

focus and be patient
thinking about what you want

love what you do
do what you love

trust you are choosing
what’s true to you

even small actions
create your freedom

if you want to make a change
for radical trust and confidence
and feel whole worthy and deserving
click here for a 15 minute guide to freedom

live with radical confidence!
live your truth!

do your thing

what is your thing?

are you doing your thing?

is your thing
who you are being?
what you are doing?
what you are experiencing?
what you are creating?

is your thing
letting your light shine?
making a difference?
fulfilling to you?

your thing
is connected to your values
guiding your goals
is connected to your vision
is living your truth

what is your thing?

is your thing

does your thing fill you with

your thing
is connected to
you being your authentic genuine being
you doing what’s most important to you
you experiencing happiness and fulfillment
you creating the life of your dreams and desires

create your life!
live your truth!

experience life fully

are you experiencing life fully?

are you fulfilled?
do you live in abundance?
do you live with freedom?

what does fulfillment mean to you?
what does abundance mean to you?
what does freedom mean to you?

what does fulfillment feel like?
what does abundance feel like?
what does freedom feel like?

create fulfillment, abundance, and freedom in your life!

choose what’s meaningful to you
choose what feels good
choose experiences to fulfill you!

create your life
live your truth!

why not me?

why not abundance?
why not freedom?

why not earning $10,000 a month
why not earning $20,000 a month

why not doing masterminds
why not doing retreats

why not traveling?
why not exploring?

why not visiting bali
why not visiting ireland

why not trying sky diving
why not trying surfing

why not having it tomorrow?
why not me?

live your truth!

go with the flow

what’s the current of your life river?

  • smooth
  • slow
  • quick
  • rapid
  • shallow
  • deep
  • swirling

what’s flowing in your life?
what’s not flowing in your life?

green trees surrounding lake
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what do you want to let flow?
what do you want to let go?
what do you need to accept and go with the flow?

what is going on in your environment right now?

  • change
  • celebration
  • transition
  • overwhelm
  • fear
  • love
  • joy

what do you want to allow?
what do you want to change?
what do you want to let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

where is your life river taking you?

  • dreams
  • desires
  • family expectations
  • community expectations
  • abundance
  • freedom
  • love

what do you want?
what’s most important to you?

what will you allow?
what will you change?
what will you let go?
what will you accept and go with the flow?

live your truth!

this is life

this is life
what is it?

who are you being?
what are you doing?
what are you experiencing?

what are you feeling?
what are you creating?

is life the way that you want it to be?
are you enjoying your life?

this is life

this is life
what do you want your life to be?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what do you want to feel?
what do you want to create?

this is life
you are the creator of your life

be who you want to be
do what you want to do
experience what you want to experience

feel what you want to feel
create what you want to create

be present
be connected
be love
be you!

do connect
do give
do receive
do you!

enjoy the journey
enjoy abundance
enjoy freedom
enjoy you!

this is life
be, do, experience

live your truth!

how old are you?

did i just make you cringe? what feelings do you have when you are asked how old you are? many people wonder why someone wants to know, thoughts of what are they going to tell me to be aware of or watch out for. many of us start thinking about what we are supposed to expect at a coming age, what dire changes are up ahead?

do you have expectations for different ages? did you, do you, look forward to certain things happening at each age? 

does any of what you expect seem like fun to you? it seems to me that aging has a negative feeling connected to it, people don’t want to get older or admit how old they are because there are more negative associations with aging than positive.

does your age in years define any part of your life? do you let age determine what you can and can’t do? or what you decide to do or not do? why?

i don’t believe any of it. why should age influence what you want? age doesn’t define you. why not go for what you want no matter what your age. experiences are more to living than age, so let your age beliefs go and focus on experiences.

woman standing near yellow petaled flower

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as i “age” my experiences are expanding and i’m becoming more wise and free from judgement. i’m learning more about who i am, what i like, what i want to enjoy and bring into my life. i look forward to many activities and experiences.

and i’ll let you in on a little secret, age doesn’t have anything to do with what we can and can’t do! yes, as we age, we definitely change, but i believe more of our age beliefs are in our head and not in our body and mind.

if you want to do something, and you are in a body and mind that can do it, do it! go out and enjoy it! be the “old” man swimming in a speedo, or the “old” woman running a 10K in a sports bra.

write the book that’s been on your mind, try the new activity you see so many “young” people enjoying, start something you always dreamed of doing.

you are wiser and your past experiences bring more to the new experiences that you enjoy. live life and keep growing and expanding, not letting age hold you back keeps you young, and is expanding your life for each experience.

now’s your time! if you feel it, do! you are never to old to keep enjoying many different experiences, both old and new to you. what i want for you, is for you to add some new experiences into your life!

expand and grow, always, until the end of this life experience!

live your truth!


Are you being your true authentic self?

So often we hide behind masks to fit in and be accepted. We wear masks because we are scared to let people see us for who we are. Scared people will judge us, scared people won’t like us. We wear masks that hide us from being our true authentic self.


What masks do you wear?

  • everything’s perfect
  • athlete
  • bully
  • buying more than needed
  • shyness
  • life of the party
  • control

What would happen if you took your masks off? What freedom would you enjoy taking off your masks? What mask will you take off today? Who will you share your true authentic self with?

Live freely being your true authentic self. There is no one better than you!

Live Your Truth!