break free from limitations

are you
playing roles
wearing masks

self-imposed limitations
act as invisible walls
trapping us in comfort zones

break free from these limitations
embark on new adventures
empower you to live a life
that is fulfilling and meaningful

break free from limitations
identify your limiting beliefs
reflect on the beliefs that have held you back

do you think you’re
not good enough
not deserving
too old to change

challenge your beliefs
ask yourself
are these beliefs based on reality,
or are they just stories I’ve been telling myself?

replace limiting beliefs
with empowering goals
what you truly want

move beyond
your comfort zone
embrace new possibilities

crisis of purpose

have you ever felt
your dreams and plans
got lost along the way?

you started down a path
you thought was yours
to find yourself
questioning your purpose
feeling lost in the process

rediscover your purpose
find a new sense of fulfillment
make the next phase
of your life’s journey
even more enjoyable

lost dreams

life often begins with a clear path
filled with dreams and aspirations
you set goals, make plans
eagerly take your first steps toward
what you believe is your true purpose

somewhere along the way
life’s unpredictability
weight of responsibilities
cause your dreams to blur
your plans to derail

feeling discouraged
feeling like you’re far from
where you thought you’d be

crisis of purpose

dreams seem to fade
into the background
you find yourself experiencing
crisis of purpose

you ask yourself questions
what am I doing with my life?
is this all there is?

these moments of uncertainty
feeling lost and disconnected
from true passions

rediscovery journey

losing your way
doesn’t have to be
the end of the road
it can be the beginning
of a new and exciting journey

rediscover your purpose with

  • reflect
    take time to think about what truly matters to you
  • explore
    don’t be afraid to explore new interests and hobbies
  • grow
    invest in self-improvement and personal growth

embrace the next phase

embarking on this journey
of rediscovery
find a renewed sense of purpose
awareness of your passions
aligning with your true self
bringing fulfillment and contentment

losing your way in life
can be a disheartening experience
it doesn’t have to define your future

taking time to rediscover your purpose
you transform a period of uncertainty
into a journey of self-discovery and growth

your lost dreams and plans
serve as valuable lessons
guiding you towards
a more meaningful and enjoyable
next phase of your life’s journey

if you’re feeling lost
it might just be the beginning
of something wonderful

create your life!
live your truth!

do your thing

what is your thing?

are you doing your thing?

is your thing
who you are being?
what you are doing?
what you are experiencing?
what you are creating?

is your thing
letting your light shine?
making a difference?
fulfilling to you?

your thing
is connected to your values
guiding your goals
is connected to your vision
is living your truth

what is your thing?

is your thing

does your thing fill you with

your thing
is connected to
you being your authentic genuine being
you doing what’s most important to you
you experiencing happiness and fulfillment
you creating the life of your dreams and desires

create your life!
live your truth!

focus and flexability

goals can create focus with flexability
goals guide you to make choices by your values
and what’s most important to you

goals create growth
upward spiraling growth
from the experiences in your life

achieving goals
changing goals
expanding goals
expanding your vision

goals guide your life experiences
goals are your experiences
and your journeys of life

goals create endless waves of transformation
life is growth
growth comes from all life experiences

do you have goals for the life experiences
you want to have in all life areas?

where are you in each life area?
where do you want to be?

create you life!
live your truth!

where are you?

where are you now?

are you caught in your thinking
of where you want to be?
feeling the lack for what you want
for this and for that?

where are you now?
where were you?
how far have you come?
what have you already accomplished?

more than you give yourself credit for!

make a list right now

  • what have you done?
  • what have you accomplished?
  • what have you achieved?
  • what steps have you already taken?

celebrate all that!

celebrate your growth
celebrate being you
celebrate knowing where you want to go

feeling gratitude for what you have done
celebrating what you have accomplished
will create the energy for what you want

trust your continual growth
trust your goals
trust your values
trust you are creating the life you want!

create your life!
live your truth!

why are goals great?

what do goals help you with?
for living?
for life?

for being?
for doing?
for experiencing?
for creating?

why are goals important?

goals give you purpose
something to achieve
a reason for doing
a reason for making the choices you do
give you growth

goals guide you

are you living by your values?
are you doing what’s most important to you?
what will your goals create?

is that creation what you want?
is that creation what’s important to you?

create your life!
live your truth!

hitting the target

do you have goals?

what are they?
are your goals big?
are your goals small?

do you achieve your goals?
do your goals change?

aiming for the target, your goal
and letting the arrow loose
flying towards the target

will the arrow hit its mark?
will the arrow be just outside the center bullseye?
will the arrow be on the outside of the ring?
will the arrow fly high and miss altogether?
will the arrow sink too soon and fall short?

what happens with your goals?
when your goals are missed,
falling short and not on target

do you modify your goals?
do you let the missed goals go?
and create new goals?

how do you feel?
are you frustrated and upset?
are you learning and moving on?

what do you want from your goals?
why do you have goals?
what do you want to achieve?

create your life!
live your truth!


overwhelmed setting new year’s resolutions
overwhelmed setting goals for this year

lost thinking about all you want
wants growing more and more

feeling the lack of this
feeling the lack of that

stop right now!


where were you?
where are you now?

how far have you come?
you have achieved great success!

where are you now?
where do you want to go?

you will achieve that
you will get to where you want to go!

live your truth!


in all life areas
separately and
in the whole of life

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what’s most important

letting go



balance in life is a lot
present moment awareness with


in mind allow choices for




live your truth!

life dreams and desires

what does living your life successfully mean to you?
how do you feel, or how would you feel, when you are living your life fully?
are you experiencing your life to the fullest?

life dreams and desires, life goals, are for creating and balancing your life so that you feel you are living a fulfilled life

life dreams and desires are in all areas of your life:

  • personal/spiritual growth
  • fun and recreation
  • finances and money
  • business/career
  • family and friends
  • physical environment
  • health and wellbeing
  • romance and love

when you know what your life dreams and desires are
your dreams and desires are in alignment with your values and purpose
and you are taking action to achieve your dreams and desires
– your life is lived with happiness and growth, a feeling of fulfillment

woman in white tank crop top on grass field
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a life dream or desire is a goal that if you accomplished or experienced, you would feel your life was a success, as you define your success

what does happiness meant to you?
what does success mean to you?
what does fulfillment mean to you?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?
how do you want to live?

create your life and enjoy your life journey!

live your truth!