in all life areas
separately and
in the whole of life

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what’s most important

letting go



balance in life is a lot
present moment awareness with


in mind allow choices for




live your truth!


can i be grateful
for a day?
a week?
an hour?
longer than a week?

can i stop negative thoughts
stop negative thinking and choose gratitude!

stop judging!
and choose to be grateful for what i have!
who i am!
where i’m at!
who i’m sharing and experiencing life with!

why is it so hard?!

what would happen?
what would i create
if i could be grateful

stopping the negative thinking
stopping the judging

i don’t have to stop the emotions
i can learn and grow from emotions


the negative thinking
stop the judging


self-confidence wanted

self-confidence is low
no faith and trust

low because of challenges
low because of struggles
low because of unmet expectations

it’s harder to be positive when struggling
doubt and fear find a way to sneak in
spiraling negative thoughts

this is a time when positive energy
and self-confidence are needed

what is doubt?

  • fearing capability
  • fearing failure
  • fearing judgement
  • not believing worthy
  • not believing deserving

thoughts and imagination negative
worry quick in mind
imagining worse case scenarios
(which is a 1% chance of happening)

why worry?
why doubt?
why fear?

it is part of being human
struggles and challenges
ups and downs are life

open to awareness of what you want
help you grow and become your best
challenge you be your authentic genuine being

how stop doubt?

how do you stop worry?
how do you stop doubt?
how do you stop fear?

how do you be confident?
how do you be positive thinking?
how do you have a positive attitude?


i am happy and grateful now!
i am happy and grateful now that…

affirmations and mantras
to repeat in your mind
to stop the negative train of thought

visualizing and imagining
who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

what works for you to stop
worry doubt and fear?

  • gratitude
  • affirmations
  • visualizing
  • mantras
  • imagining
  • journaling
  • being in nature
  • meditating
  • exercise
  • singing

be aware of your thoughts
be aware of what works for you to stop negative thoughts

live your truth!

trust you!


trust you!
believe in you!

have expectations for you
and meet them

you are deserving!
you are worthy!

have grace with yourself
don’t expect too much

be realistic
don’t judge

love yourself!

be patient
allow for the experience of growth


growth comes from failing

trying again
being persistent


life is to be experienced

ups and downs
ebbs and flows

live your truth!

deep connecting

summer is a time of deep connecting for me

i’m out in nature a lot more

surrounded by growth and beauty
surrounded by abundance and freedom
surrounded by energy and flow
surrounded by peace and calm

when i’m in these settings my mind quiets
sometimes my mind wanders

thinking about how the beauty and cycles of nature are in my life
thinking about how the abundance in nature is in my life
thinking about the energy that flows through me and all that is
thinking about how relaxed and rejuvenated i feel after being in nature

surrounded by nature i am


what do you get in nature?

do you get as connected as i do?

feeling connected to your inner being?
feeling connected to nature?
feeling connected to all that is?
feeling connected to the universe?

connect to your inner being!

live your truth!

boundaries and walls

boundaries define what’s important to us
boundaries define what we want in life

boundaries clarify what we stand for
boundaries show what we value

what’s most important to you?
what do you want?

what expectations do you have?
for you? for others?

what boundaries do you have?
what boundaries do you need?

boundaries are sometimes walls
what walls are in your life?

is your boundary a healthy boundary?
is your boundary serving you?

is your boundary blocking growth?
is your boundary blocking connection?

is your boundary a wall?
what walls do you want to remove?

create boundaries
remove walls

live by your values
live by what’s most important to you

live your truth!

energy rhythms

i see a clear vision for what i want
clear actions to take
to grow

the vision doesn’t quite turn into actions
and the results i thought in my mind

maybe it’s simply
not allowing enough time for action
morning energy versus afternoon energy

learning rhythms
what are your rhythms?

daily rhythms
weekly rhythms
monthly rhythms
seasonal rhythms
moon rhythms

learning energy
what is your energy?

high positive or low negative
creative or uninspired
energetic or easy going
connected or fuzzy
thoughtful or idle

learn your rhythms and energy
learn to use your rhythms and energy

live your truth!

mind wandering

my mind confuses me with it’s wanderings
positive and negative

the negative i don’t like
worse case scenario
worrying about stuff that isn’t

i wonder why but i know
it’s not worth my time and additional worry
to ask why and worry some more

analysis and awareness is good
to create positive thoughts
create positive actions and outcomes

awareness for growth is good

worry is… pointless

being aware
choose who you want to be
choose what you want to do

choose what’s most important to you
think about what’s most important to you

choose positive
think positive
you will be positive

choose to live happy and grateful
in the present moment

choose to enjoy life fully
enjoy your experiences!

live your truth!

weed out the doubts

doubts planted in the mind
what doubts are buried deep inside?

shallow focus of sprout
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doubts planted by others
doubts planted by experiences

weed out doubts
what was the doubt serving?

do you believe this doubt?
is this what you want?

plant more positive
what do you want?

imagine who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience
connect to why and how you want to feel

harvest all wanted and more
create the life you want to live

live your truth!