live in the present moment

it’s easy to get caught up in the past
dwelling on past mistakes

it’s easy to worry about the future
anxiously anticipating what’s to come

preventing us from fully experiencing
neglecting the most important moment we have
the present

embrace the power of now

living in the present moment
has transformative power

the present moment
is the here and now
where your life is happening
the only moment that truly exists

living in the present moment

reduces stress and anxiety
focusing on the present moment
you’re not burdened by past regrets
or future uncertainties

creates mental clarity and emotional wellbeing
nurtures deeper meaningful connections
being present with the people around you
shows you value and respect their being

living in the present moment

being fully engaged in the present
your mind is free from distractions
and taps into its creative potential

appreciating the small joys of life
happiness in the simple things
creates greater happiness and fulfillment

living in the present moment

mindfulness meditation and gratitude
meditation in motion – yoga, painting, walking in nature
creates awareness of the present moment
focusing on the here and now
appreciating the richness of the present moment

living in the present moment
is a conscious choice
requiring practice and dedication

what will you do today
to live in the present moment?

create your life
live your truth!

let go control

what experiences have you had
when have you not
worried about the day-to-day?

no worry for the day-to-day

no worry for the day-to-day

  • activities
  • chores
  • schedules
  • responsibilities
  • lists

they are all still happening
they are all still getting done

you are not worried
you are not concerned
about the day-to-day “stuff”

you are still aware
you still care

you have let go control
you are being

you are present to what you are doing now
you are present to who you are with

create your life!
live your truth!

living in trust

living in trust is
living in the present moment
being present
as much as possible

this is life

when worries and fears
doubts and overwhelm
stress and anxiety

are in your life
being able to not set it aside

but not obsess about
the worries
even though they are real

living in trust is
finding the gratitude
connecting to the gratitude

living in trust is
imagining and visualizing
what you want
what’s most important to you

live your truth!

easy and simple

life can be easy and simple
but there are so many gray areas

contradicting wants
do i know what i really want?
what’s most important if they are contradicting?

maybe some of it’s old beliefs
still overpowering new beliefs

old habits
still overpowering new habits

for who i want to be
what i want to do

to be

it seems so easy
in my mind it’s easy

maybe it’s not supposed to be easy
so we experience life
challenge is growth

i look forward to simply being!

living in the moment

live your truth!

present now

are you present to this moment right now?
what are you thinking?
what are you feeling?

are you aware of what you want in this moment?
how do you want to feel?
what do you want to experience?

do you have activities to bring you to the present moment?
to connect you to what’s going on?
to be aware of what you want?

do you need to take a broader perspective look?
do you need to take a narrower look?
what do you see?

do you need to check in with your body?
where can you release tension?
where can you allow touch and sensation to be present?

what thoughts are on your mind?
overwhelm and judging, or joy and love?
what questions can you ask yourself to become present?

what are you present to now?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to experience?

what do you want to create?
live your truth!

grateful choices

what do you feel in the moment?
are you positive?
are you negative?

are you present?
what are you focused on?
lack? or gratitude?

are you grateful for the choice you made?

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instead of focusing on the lack of decisions
that are creating a desire –
be grateful for what you did choose

every ‘no’ has a ‘yes’
each ‘no’ and each ‘yes’
has it’s own energy of positive and negative

each ‘no’ and each ‘yes’
is creating something that you want

what are you saying ‘no’ to?
what are you saying ‘yes’ to?
what’s most important?

each ‘no’ and each ‘yes’
is to be grateful for
you chose what you did for a reason

live your truth!

balancing change

change happens in all areas of life
when there is a change your focus is zeroed in

zeroed in on what you need it to be
what is the change happening now?

when you are zeroed in
you lose some priorities that you had
you feel out of balance

you don’t spend as much time
being outside

you don’t do what you want for
eating healthy
working your business
being present to those you love
taking care of your family
taking care of yourself

change happens
how aware are you to how each change effects you?

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what do you want to do with change?
accept it
know that you will be off balance for a bit
grow with it
be aware

with awareness
you will be able to prioritize differently
and keep what’s most important now

with awareness
you will be able to shift
to what’s most important
and keep balance in your life

balance in life is everchanging with change
balance is being present
balance is being aware
balance is choosing what’s most important to you

balance in life is to be looked at more broadly
not focused on a short time period
balance is part of growth
spiraling upward growth
balance changes with growth

balance is more like a teeter totter of life
you have your ups and downs
and as you go through the ups and downs and changes
you will be in the center between the ups and downs
you will be in the center between the changes and growth

when you are feeling out of balance
become aware of what’s changing
what’s most important to you?
what needs to shift with the change?
what will you shift again when the change is embodied?


live your truth!

what life is this?

what is this life?
what am i doing?
what am i experiencing?
who am i being?

is this life what i want it to be?
am i fully living?
am i living my journey?
am i experiencing what i want?

what path am i on?
the path of conformity?
the path of non-choice?
the path of creating?

landscape photo of pathway between green leaf trees
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am i creating the life i want to live?
am i being who i want to be?
am i doing what i want to do?
am i experiencing what i want to experience?

this is life
am i present?
am i aware?
am i connected?

what do i want?
who do i want to be?
what do i want to do?
what do i want to experience?

choose what’s most important
choose your dreams
choose your desires

create the life you want to live
enjoy your life journey
live life fully

live your truth!


what are you experiencing right now?
what are you aware of now?
what are you present to now?

what do you want to experience?
are you open to what you want to experience?
are you choosing what you want?

are you grateful for your experiences?
what do you like about your experiences?
what do you enjoy?

are you experiencing life in positive ways?
are you present in your experiences?
are you grateful for your experiences?

be, do, and experience
live your truth!