spoonful of gratitude

a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
is a popular phrase
what does it mean to you?

what is the medicine?
the medicine can be anything that you are resisting
it can be anything that has a negative feeling to it

what is “go down”?
going down is your journey and your growth
it is allowing what needs to be for you

what is the sugar?
the sugar is a tool to help you
gratitude is a tool for growth and allowing

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how has gratitude helped you?
how has gratitude helped you to grow?
how has gratitude helped you to allow?

gratitude is for the present
gratitude is for the past
gratitude is for the future

gratitude in the present is being grateful for what you have
awareness to what’s most important to you
being grateful for choosing what you choose
being grateful for your moment now

gratitude in the past is remembering where you were and where you’ve been
celebrating the growth you have experienced
gratitude in the present for who you are now

gratitude in the future is creating your dreams and desires
connecting to your inner being and what’s most important to you
awareness for who you want to be
what you want to do
what you want to experience
gratitude in the future is gratitude in the present for who you are becoming

how do you use gratitude?
gratitude in the moment
journaling what you are grateful for
gratitude when you wake
gratitude before you sleep
gratitude for the past
gratitude for the future
gratitude for present
what are you grateful for right now?

be grateful
live your truth!

where are you?

are you being present?
are you living in the present moment?
are you present with the people you are with?

maybe you are distracted
what needs to get done from your to-do list?
what went wrong with the previous thing you were doing?

maybe you are overwhelmed
what needs your attention right now?
where do you start with everything you have to do?

maybe you are stressed
what isn’t happening how you wanted it to?
what are you not able to control?

maybe you are trying to control
how important is this thing?
will you remember this thing in this moment in a month?

maybe you need a present moment break
connect to yourself and center yourself
listen and laugh with the people you are with

maybe you need a new list
who do you want to be?
what do you want to feel?

maybe you need to know where you are

are you being?
who are you being?
who do you want to be?

are you doing?
what are you doing?
what do you want to be doing?

are you experiencing?
what are you experiencing?
what do you want to experience?

where are you?

be present

live your truth!


what are you celebrating?
what are you celebrating about you?
for you?
what are you celebrating for life?
about life?

you are a miracle
you are precious
you are love
life is a miracle
life is precious
life is this moment

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the moments that we live
experience and share life
are our life journey
what are you celebrating in your life?
you can celebrate this moment

live your truth!

be present

what are you doing right now?
are you aware of what’s around you?
are you connected to what you are doing?
are you aware of who’s around you?
are you connected to anyone that may be around you?
what do you want to be getting from this moment?
are you fully present to it?

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are you analyzing the past?
are you worrying about the future?
are you stressed or anxious?
are you overwhelmed or scared?
what do you want?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?

are you aware of what you want?
when you are aware of what you want, you are more able to be present
when you are aware of what you want the choices that you make are for what’s most important to you

what’s most important to you?
are you choosing what’s most important to you?
are you being who you want to be?
are you doing what you want to do?
are you experiencing what you want to experience?

choose what’s most important to you
be present in the moment
be grateful for your awareness
be grateful for your choices
awareness and choice allow for you to be present
choose what you want and be grateful for the present

be present
live your truth!

are you being?

is it easy for you to be?

i’m defining be as being present in the moment, not worrying about the future and not analyzing the past. being present.

is it easy for you to be?

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when is it that you are the most present, being fully present – for your self, for those that you are with, for what you are doing?

what distracts you from being present?

it is hard to be present, especially throughout the whole day.

what do you do to become present, to become aware?

i like to surround myself with nature, quiet my mind with meditation, journal, activities that connect myself to me.

i am distracted by what i want and what i’ve experienced. there is a time for reflection and there is a time for looking forward. those times are a time to be present for those activities.

to be present as much as possible i have routines and habits i’ve created. with an ever changing world (as it should be) i am continually changing and growing my routines and habits.

i haven’t been being like i want to be.

i haven’t been as present as i want to be. i did some reflecting and have chosen some things to focus on to be more present throughout my day.

  • meditating at noon for 5 minutes
  • visualizing what i want
  • getting outside as much as i can

what helps you to be?

what helps you to be present? what are you going to focus on to be more present today?


live your truth!


how do we connect our thoughts and feelings to our relationships?

how do we experience thoughts in our relationships?

how do we experience feelings in our relationships?

do we judge?

are we being present?

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being present, enjoying a shared experience

allowing each others being

not attaching

not expecting

not judging

being. allowing. loving.

how do you experience your relationships?

live your truth!

small moments

is is the small things in life that make up our life.

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day-to-day experiences happen one moment at a time. moments are small, a tiny part of our life.

it is this moment, a now moment, that creates our lives.

one moment to the next.

what do you do in the day-to-day moments of your living? are you aware of what you are choosing? are you grateful? are you present?

live your truth!

be selfish

what is it to be selfish? what comes to your mind? what feelings do you have around being selfish?

i challenge you to have positive feelings about being selfish and to become incredibly selfish.

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being selfish is prioritizing you, what’s most important to you, and most importantly taking care of you. when you take care of you, you are more available to care and give to others. you are able to be present in the moment.

have you ever done what i have (and still do at times) – run around to get things done for you and others in your family, and when you think you are going to sit down and relax a little you remember a list of household chores you “need” to get done and family “needs” that only you can do?

it leaves me feeling depleted with no energy for myself or for others, i’m not able to give to those most important to me (including myself) what i truly want to give – being fully present.

stop doing all those “need to-dos” and become selfish. add selfishness into your life to become more, and be able to give more.  prioritize yourself for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, a whole day. prioritizing yourself reinvigorates and rejuvenates you.

you will be able to be fully present for yourself and for the other people most important in your life. and those pesky “need to-dos” get done too and don’t seem so pesky anymore.

what is it that you can do to become selfish? what have you wanted to do and haven’t done lately? take a walk, soak in the tub, read a book, go fishing, play a favorite game, get a massage, go out for coffee, enjoy a favorite hobby, enjoy a favorite sport, take a nap…

what will you do this week to be selfish?

live your truth!


where am i? and where do i want to go?

there are many wants i have. many dreams and desires. i have many desires achieved now that i am living and experiencing. i have desires that are growing and expanding. i have dreams and desires that are experienced in little ways, and wanted in big ways. i have dreams and desires creating the vision of the life that i want to live.


in all these wants of mine, the biggest desire now is to be present. be present for myself, be present for those i am sharing the moment with.

i want to be aware of the experience, enjoying the experience. i want to be connected to my inner being and connected to who i may be with. i want to be me, free of masks. i want to enjoy others for their being, no expectations and no judging, connecting to their being.

present. being. connected. life. love.

where am i? present!

where am i going? being present in the next moment!

live your truth!