live in the present moment

it’s easy to get caught up in the past
dwelling on past mistakes

it’s easy to worry about the future
anxiously anticipating what’s to come

preventing us from fully experiencing
neglecting the most important moment we have
the present

embrace the power of now

living in the present moment
has transformative power

the present moment
is the here and now
where your life is happening
the only moment that truly exists

living in the present moment

reduces stress and anxiety
focusing on the present moment
you’re not burdened by past regrets
or future uncertainties

creates mental clarity and emotional wellbeing
nurtures deeper meaningful connections
being present with the people around you
shows you value and respect their being

living in the present moment

being fully engaged in the present
your mind is free from distractions
and taps into its creative potential

appreciating the small joys of life
happiness in the simple things
creates greater happiness and fulfillment

living in the present moment

mindfulness meditation and gratitude
meditation in motion – yoga, painting, walking in nature
creates awareness of the present moment
focusing on the here and now
appreciating the richness of the present moment

living in the present moment
is a conscious choice
requiring practice and dedication

what will you do today
to live in the present moment?

create your life
live your truth!


trusting is in every area of life

  • personal/spiritual growth
  • fun and recreation
  • finances
  • business/career
  • family and friends
  • physical environment
  • health and wellbeing
  • romance
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trusting is in every relationship

  • myself
  • universe
  • other people
  • nature
  • money

trusting allows deeper growth
trusting allows wider growth

where do you trust?

where do you need to trust?


how do we connect our thoughts and feelings to our relationships?

how do we experience thoughts in our relationships?

how do we experience feelings in our relationships?

do we judge?

are we being present?

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being present, enjoying a shared experience

allowing each others being

not attaching

not expecting

not judging

being. allowing. loving.

how do you experience your relationships?

live your truth!


what expectations do you have in relationships?

relationship to yourself, your beloved, your children, God/Universe/all that is, team, life,  work, money, time…

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it is your responsibility to make sure the other person in your relationship knows your expectations.

so many hurts and frustrations are because our expectations are not met.

“Frustration is a function of our expectations, and our expectations are often a reflection of the social mirror rather than our own values and priorities.”
~ Stephen Covey

do you know what your expectations are? do you share your expectations?

tell your expectations to the other in your relationship. it is loving yourself and loving the other person (or part of the relationship) to know and share your expectations.

sharing your expectations is vulnerable, it is showing and building trust, it is letting the other person know how much the relationship means to you. sharing expectations shows that you value the relationship and its growth.

what expectations do you have? what expectations do you need to share?

live your truth!

give to yourself

what do you want from your relationships? your friendships, marriage, family, personal acquaintances, business acquaintances, people you meet on the street and may or may not great. what do you want from your relationship with yourself?

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the things that you want from your different relationships; love, trust, openness, laughter, silliness, support, motivation, encouragement, vulnerability, candid, adventure, patience, understanding, listening, non-judgement, acceptance, giving, fun, growth, inspired, excitement, safety, comfort. do you know what these things are?

what do you want from the people in your relationships? are you being what you expect them to be? give yourself the gift of being who you want people in your relationships to be.

become who you want to be!

live your truth!

love is?

thinking about love and what i want. thinking about what i’ve learned about love is giving and not worrying about getting. love is about the act of loving without expecting anything in return.

what does that look like?

how does that fit in with all that i want to experience and share in relationships?

a desire for a relationship, a choice to be in a relationship, then loving…

is that all there is to love?

sunshine heartis there expectation in choice? or you love yourself first, which would be in the choices you make. positive choices, choices for what you desire and what’s most important to you. the choice, it is two in one to love without expectation. choose to love without expectation. and choose to be in a relationship. and keep choosing, keep choosing to love without expectation and keeping choosing the relationships you want.

then sharing and experiencing love in a relationship. and this part is the act of love without expectation. sharing and experiencing life together in a relationship that you want. don’t expect life and love to come from the relationship, share and experience life and love in the relationship.

if you love yourself first in choosing what you desire and what’s most important to you, then when loving another you will be getting what you want. in the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of life and experiences, you will be sharing and experiencing in relationship. loving yourself is giving to yourself, loving yourself is giving to relationship and loving the other, giving to relationship and loving the other is loving yourself.

i choose my relationships. i give to my relationships and love the other. i am happy and grateful for my relationships! now… now, i am going to practice loving without expectation.

live your truth!

what do you really want?

have you ever been frustrated because a situation was not going how you want it to go?

you know, you are with a group of people, and it’s just not going the way that you want it to go. i mean, everybody should know that it’s supposed to happen exactly in this one way, your way. how could there be any other way than the way that you want it? and your just getting annoyed and frustrated because it’s not what you want. people aren’t acting according to what you want!

i have these moments. oh boy, i can get so frustrated that my body is tight and tense and i just want to scream and make it happen my way, and there just isn’t any way for me to do that!


I have learned, by some wonderful grace, to step back and look at the bigger picture. i will ask myself, “what do i really want?”

i am able to realize that the situation that i am trying to control is a small piece of the whole adventure of life, and although it may be something that should get done, in the whole picture of life – it’s not what’s most important!

my shoulders relax, my breathe deepens, and i am open to gratitude! i become grateful for this moment, in this moment i am connected to what i want, and what i want is to enjoy my life journey filled with amazing deep rich relationships. and that is what’s happening!

what do you really want?

live your truth!

big rocks

When we make choices to put our big rocks first we begin to live our truth. Choosing happiness and other decisions for our wellbeing is putting the big rocks in our life first. The big rocks are our happiness, health and wellbeing, family and close relationships, our spiritual beliefs and practices, and personal growth.


I learned that it is my responsibility to make choices for my happiness. I learned that it is my responsibility to make choices to live my values and what is most important to me. I learned that it is my responsibility to make choices to be who I want to be, do what I want to do and experience what I want to experience. It is my responsibility to create my life, to live my truth.

It is your responsibility to make choices for your happiness. It is your responsibility to make choices to be, do and experience what is most important to you. It is your responsibility to create the life that you want to live, to live your truth.

What choices are you making today? Are you feeling more negative feelings or are you feeling more positive feelings? Make the decision today that you will make more choices to experience more and more positive feelings. You will make choices that put your big rocks first. You will make choices to create more and more happiness, love, joy, gratitude, peace and serenity in your life.

Enjoy the Journey

I look at pictures of my beautiful kids and see all the stages of their lives so far – smile – and feel nostalgic! Wanting to remember more vividly the details of the moments! Remembering their baby smiles, toddler smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses! And I’m reminded to ‘enjoy the journey!’ All ages and moments with my kids is precious! and I intend to be present and enjoy the moments! The ups, the downs, the in-between, the knowing, the learning, the wanting, the giving!

A most important part of life are relationships and the connection we share with others. The relationships we have enhance our lives, teach us, guide us, motivate us, support us and empower us. The people in our lives and the relationships that we have are a big part of our life journeys.

I don’t think that I have missed too much of my kids lives – but I do know that as I’ve balanced my life there are times that I have missed moments I would rather not have missed. Being busy and distracted by every day duties and tasks – not giving my full attention, listening with only one ear, not giving them the priority they should have in the moment. I do not know their feelings during those moments – but I know mine – and my feelings are my indicator to take a deep breath, realign my priorities, and focus on the moment – focus on my kids – and enjoy the journey! Because I also know what I feel when we are playing, laughing, giving, loving, being together in the present moment – and that… that is amazing! wonderful! priceless! A feeling of such joy I’m lighter than air, my smile bright as the sun, and eyes sparkling like the stars!

And so it is with Live Your Truth Seminars. I created this to make a difference in people’s lives – and I am committed to being present in those joyful moments of ups, downs, in-between, ‘a-ha’, growth, awareness and transformation! to celebrate, to motivate, to encourage, to enjoy, to teach, to learn, to listen. To enjoy the journey and not get swept away in the daily tasks and duties.

Some things it is easier to list what we do not . As I give to you a glimpse into my life and mind, with a bit of wisdom and ideas for you – I do not want to be stressed, anxious and rushed to meet a deadline. No. What I want is to give you bits of wisdom, a new idea, a refreshed idea, a question to get you thinking, dreaming and creating. And, If I’m rushed, you will not get that. I intend to enjoy the journey, I will give myself time to write what is wanting to come forth from me. I breathe in… … and smile… breathe out – peace and serenity fill my being as I am present in the moment.

Not to ‘enjoy the journey’ is

  • feeling anxious or rushed
  • doubting and worrying
  • being stressed or tense
  • being too serious
  • reacting

Enjoying the Journey is

  • present moment awareness
  • feeling joyful and loving
  • being calm and serene
  • having fun and enjoying laughter
  • responding
  • balancing priorities

New Year’s is a time I review my goals, expanding and assessing that I am growing in the direction that I want to grow, that I am being who I want to be, doing what I want to do and living how I want to live! This year I did something different, I have written down how I want to feel! and in doing that, my feeling goals are: joyful, connected, alive and free. My feeling goals inspired me to set a theme for my year too –  ‘Enjoy the Journey!’

And that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to have fun and laugh! Not be so serious and to focused. I’m going to be joyful! I’m going to be alive and free! feeling the energy flow smoothly to and through me for all areas of my life! not stressed and tense. I am going to enjoy the journey!

What can you do to enjoy the journey? What do you want to be more present for in your life? What do you want to feel?

I am present in the moment! I know my goals and their priorities. I enjoy the activities and time I focus on my relationships, my goals, and I have fun, laugh often, smile always, laugh until it hurts and tears are rolling down my cheeks! This is my life! And I love it!

Enjoy the Journey!

Live Your Truth!

Best Gift

This Christmas Season is upon us and among us. Joy and love, busyness and stress. What are you most thankful for? What do you celebrate? What is the best gift that you receive?

I am most thankful for my family and friends! I celebrate and enjoy the relationships that are dear to my heart – near and far! I am grateful for the time I spend with them all during the Christmas Season and throughout the year.

In my giving and receiving I know that there will be gifts, it is a significant part of the Christmas Season, having many traditions of its own. However, for me (and perhaps for you) the giving and receiving that is more filled with love and joy is time shared with family and friends. Parties, decorating the Christmas tree, family traditions, playing games with each other, watching movies, reading books, hot cocoa, building a snowman, sledding, Christmas toasts made with Eggnog, concerts and Christmas programs, baking.

What do you remember the most? What fills you with love, joy and peace? The laughter and smiles from the Christmas parties, the glee and giggles of children playing and creating snow masterpieces, the smell of baking goodies, the crackle of a burning fire, zipping down a hill on a sled, snuggling together to watch a Christmas classic, seeing the pure joy on your loved ones face as you proudly watch the Christmas program, excited whispers in the night of dreams and wishes.

The giving and receiving of time spent together, fill us with love joy and peace!

With the busyness and stress of the season, I am reminded to stay present and aware! Listen to family and friends wholly from your heart – give them your time – don’t allow the tick-tick of a clock to rush you. Enjoy the family and friends you most cherish! Enjoy the traditions and activities with your whole being- body mind and spirit!

Be aware of those around you. I was walking into church and looked directly at my sister and niece without recognizing in my mind who they were! I was so focused on being ‘rushed and needing to accomplish the next thing’, that I was not in the moment. Be aware and be present! Recognize others – family, friends and strangers with a smile from your heart! You will feel peace as you calmly move through your day, and others will feel a warmth fill their heart.

I have received the best gifts of Christmas already this season and I will continue to receive them! Hugs, laughter, smiles, singing, intimate conversations, all the love joy and peace I receive from time spent with family and friends!

With love and gratitude for YOU – Merry Christmas!

Live Your Truth!