taking care of you

who’s taking care of you?

you should be taking care of you
you giving yourself what you need
and you asking others for what you need from them

what do you need from yourself?
physical body care
mental mind care
spiritual care

  • relaxation and rejuvenation
  • energizing activities
  • being in nature
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • good food
  • love
  • quiet alone time
  • meditation
  • reading
  • creative activities
  • journaling

what do you need from others?
physical care
emotional care
spiritual care

  • connection
  • being together
  • deep conversations
  • hugs
  • presence
  • support
  • motivation
  • appreciation
  • affection
  • affirmation
  • gifts
  • honesty

are you getting what you need?
are you taking care of yourself?
are you asking for what you need?

do you know what you need?

what do you want right now?
how can you give that to yourself?
how can someone else give that to you?
give to yourself and ask

live your truth!

natures energy

nature is an energy that allows me to connect to myself and all that is around me

when i am enjoying nature and surrounding myself in nature i am able to calm and become serene

body of water between green leaf trees

Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com

nature noises, smells and sights invigorate me

i am able to relax

i am able to get fresh and new ideas

i am able to listen to my body, my heart and know what i want and what’s most important to me

i am able to connect to my dreams and desires

i am able to create what i want

i am able to live my truth

natures energy

what does natures energy do for you?

how do you enjoy nature?

live your truth!

time for myself

how do you prioritize yourself? are you doing that?

i’m reclaiming myself for myself. not that i don’t want to be giving to others and doing for others, that is something important to me. but my choices have led me to a time right now that i’ve filled my days with tasks and responsibilities that are pushing aside the relaxing and restoring things that i do for me. my energy is low and my enthusiasm is low. i’ve become disconnected from myself.


so, i’m reclaiming me, and it’s not as easy as it would seem. all the choices i have been making that have filled my days are important things to me, but they are draining me right now instead of filling me. i need to add more to my day that is filling me up, giving me positive energy. and then the positive energy can be given, given and shared with others.

i am reconnecting with myself. listening to my body. connecting to my dreams and desires with visualizing. getting myself out in nature.

what have you been giving to yourself? do you need to reclaim any part of yourself and give time back to you? time to relax and restore? what fills you up? what gives you energy?





Are you taking care of yourself? Are you giving your mind, body and soul the quiet time it needs, time to relax?

Time for yourself to do the things that you enjoy and time for relaxing to let your mind, body and soul, Be. This is time invested in You.


Living our lives rushing around to do this and that, and to get this and that done is wearing and tiring. If that is how you are spending each and every day, day in and day out, are you enjoying your life?

Life is about enjoying the journey and experiences. Doing what we enjoy.

If you don’t take the time to relax and do the things that you enjoy; our minds slip into negative thinking more readily. And when we are allowing ourselves time to relax, time to have fun doing what we enjoy; our minds are more free-flowing imagining what we want in our lives and feeling gratitude for what we already have and enjoy.

And when doing the daily activities that are a part of life, we are able to enjoy the better part of the day, knowing that what you are doing is part of a bigger picture for yourself and you are doing what is important to you.

Are you relaxing and doing activities that you enjoy as part of your week, part of your day?

Are you enjoying your journey?

What do you enjoy doing? Take time to do that this week, take time today to sit quietly and Be.

Live Your Truth!

Breathe Relax

Breathe! Relax! Stop judging!

I want. I want. I want! And things aren’t going how I want.

Why is it that the things most important to me are the easiest to judge? Because they are the things that I want the most growth from, that I have the highest expectations of.

It seems like it should be so easy and it’s not! It’s simple, but not easy.

Breathe. Focus on gratitude. Right now, focus on gratitude.


I am so happy and grateful now that I am aware! I am so happy and grateful now that I am growing!

Breathe. Relax. Gratitude!

What do you want? What are you grateful for?

Live Your Truth!


Relax, Rejuvenate, Refresh

Are you taking time for yourself? Relaxing activities and activities that rejuvenate you?

I know you are busy. I know you have a list, either written down or in your mind, of things that need to get done, should get done and could get done. I have a list, and if that’s all that is on my mind – I get overwhelmed and my energy drops.

I’ve learned that the most important items on my list are the things that I do to take care of myself, to connect with myself and to rejuvenate myself.

Do you have activities on your list that allow you to connect with yourself, rejuvenate yourself or that are giving you the attention to take care of yourself?

There’s a wide range of activities that you can do – what makes you smile? What gives you a relaxed peaceful feeling? What restores your positive energy?

  • A brisk walk
  • Reading
  • Watching a movie
  • A workout
  • A soak in the tub
  • A sports game
  • A puzzle
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • A personal growth activity
  • Reading a motivating book
  • Journaling
  • Creating
  • Painting
  • Cuddling
  • A snowball fight
  • Walking on a beach
  • Climbing a tree
  • Taking a nap

Find something you love and/or refreshes you, add it to your list and do it today!

Live Your Truth!