day in and day out

are you living in an endless loop?
day-in and day-out

today the same as yesterday
tomorrow the same as today

are you being pulled
in multiple directions
feeling overwhelm
feeling stress

what would happen if i ran away from it all?

do you want
one day
half a day
just one hour!
for you?

do you have a shoulda-gotta list
the never-ending list

  • things to get done at home
  • errands to run
  • activities and events to prepare for
  • get ready for
  • then actually attend if you still have the energy
  • work you brought home
  • walk the dog
  • home, yard and vehicle to maintain

nothing on the shoulda-gotta list
is for you!

you are worthy of
your interests and passions.

take action for yourself
even a small step

and you are stepping
into your personal power
taking the first step putting yourself first

live your truth!

are you living in shadow?

being afraid of being judged?
being afraid of not being accepted?
being afraid of not being loved?

feeling unworthy or undeserving
have no idea where to begin
do you want to make a shift?

trusting life decisions
to others’ opinions
is not how to live your truth

the truth is

you have your own personal power
trust you can live your passion
trust you can live with purpose

decide what you want
keep choosing what you want

focus and be patient
thinking about what you want

love what you do
do what you love

trust you are choosing
what’s true to you

even small actions
create your freedom

if you want to make a change
for radical trust and confidence
and feel whole worthy and deserving
click here for a 15 minute guide to freedom

live with radical confidence!
live your truth!

feeling anxious to start putting yourself first?

do you feel like you are constantly pleasing everyone around you? you’ve been wanting to make a shift because you have been feeling empty and lost but you have no idea how to start pouring back into yourself

i see many midlife women who have been living for everyone else almost their whole life and think if they decide to start walking, reading, or doing a hobby they love so they can have 10 minutes of their own time they are being selfish

the truth is these women are actually being selfish by not showing others she is worthy of her own time

don’t make assumptions people will feel a certain way, when you express what you really want, communicate clearly, and take even the smallest action for yourself you are stepping into your power and taking the first step of putting yoruself first

helping women reclaim their personal power is the root of what i do for my clients and why i created the wild woman way framework

if you want to make a change, click here to download your 15 minute guide to stepping into your personal power

live your truth!

take back your power

what’s missing in your life?
what do you want to happen
that isn’t happening now?

what do you want to change in your life?
what do you want?
what’s stopping that?

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what’s most important to you?

when you are living what’s most important to you
what does that look like?
what does that mean to you?
how does that feel?

what can you do today
to live what’s most important to you?

create your life!
live your truth!

stop negative thoughts with sacred life questions

my mind is imagining the negative
imagining the worst case scenarios
things that will never happen

yet my mind stays in the negative spiral
circling deeper and deeper
hard to stop the doom and gloom images

my imaginings become conversations
conversations in my mind
thinking how experiences could go

the experiences play out negative in my mind
images bringing me deeper and deeper into a negative
i want it to stop, but i can’t get it to stop

with a question the negative mind wanderings became positve

in the many different experiences
playing out in my mind
the conversation offered a question

during the conversation in my mind
for the negative feeling imagined experience
i said, “what i wanted…”

wow! what i wanted is…
a simple thought
a simple statement in my mind

ask yourself during negative mind wanderings
what do i want?
answer, what i want is…

what do i want?

what do you want to experience?
what do you want to do?
who do you want to be?
what do you want to create?

when your mind is wandering the negative
seemingly neverending doom and gloom
ask – what do i want?

open to awareness
connect to what you want
your negative imaginings will switch to positive imaginings

the question is a sacred question
it connects you to your inner being
it connects you to love

open to your inner being
ask sacred questions
be curious to become aware and change positive to negative

sacred questions are
what do i want?
what’s most important?

what sacred questions do you have?

live your truth!
create your life!

what’s important

asking yourself “what’s most important?”
asking yourself “what do i want?”

what is your vision?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

how do you want to live?
how do you want to feel?
what do you want to create?

what’s most important now?

create your life!
live your truth!

focus and flexability

goals can create focus with flexability
goals guide you to make choices by your values
and what’s most important to you

goals create growth
upward spiraling growth
from the experiences in your life

achieving goals
changing goals
expanding goals
expanding your vision

goals guide your life experiences
goals are your experiences
and your journeys of life

goals create endless waves of transformation
life is growth
growth comes from all life experiences

do you have goals for the life experiences
you want to have in all life areas?

where are you in each life area?
where do you want to be?

create you life!
live your truth!

where are you?

where are you now?

are you caught in your thinking
of where you want to be?
feeling the lack for what you want
for this and for that?

where are you now?
where were you?
how far have you come?
what have you already accomplished?

more than you give yourself credit for!

make a list right now

  • what have you done?
  • what have you accomplished?
  • what have you achieved?
  • what steps have you already taken?

celebrate all that!

celebrate your growth
celebrate being you
celebrate knowing where you want to go

feeling gratitude for what you have done
celebrating what you have accomplished
will create the energy for what you want

trust your continual growth
trust your goals
trust your values
trust you are creating the life you want!

create your life!
live your truth!

balance isn’t really a thing

do you want balance?
most likely you answered, yes!

balance is something we experience
for a moment or two

then life happens
we are back out of balance

balance in life isn’t having daily balance
balance in life is having balance in your life journey

what do you want in life now?

what do you want in life next week?
what do you want in life next month?
what do you want in life next year?

is what you want now, next week, next month, next year
all the same?

if yes

what is the result of what you want?
that is your balance in life, not balance
that want, that feeling

if no

that’s the balance of your life journey
growing and experiencing in different life areas
priorities change as we experience life

what do you want in life now?
how does that create balance in your life?

create your life!
live your truth!

how do you want to live?

are you living how you want to live?

are you being who you want to be?
are you doing what you want to do?
are you experiencing what you want to experience?

are you happy with your

  • personal and spiritual growth
  • fun and recreation
  • finances and money
  • business/career
  • family and friends
  • physical environment
  • health and wellbeing
  • romance and love

what do you want in each of those areas?
how do you want to live?

create your life!
live your truth!