wild woman way

What if you wake in the morning full of positive energy free from

  • pleasing everyone else’s expectations
  • stress and worry of not having enough
  • overwhelm and anxiety from to-do’s
  • fear and frustration
  • having to do it all and be all

Just imagine

  • quiet time for your self
  • making a positive impact
  • deep meaningful relationships
  • feeling in the flow
  • confidently choosing you

This is for you if you are tired of

  • wondering if there’s more to life and are ready to live a more meaningful life
  • putting others first and not having even 10 minutes for you at the end of the day
  • hiding behind masks, living someone elses life, and you want to break free from living in shadow
  • trading freedom for security, waiting for the time to be right, and you want control and freedom of your life
  • holding it all together but yourself and you want ME time

But you are feeling

  • guilty about taking time for you
  • unworthy and undeserving
  • somethings missing in your life
  • powerless and weak
  • overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out

Reconnect and embrace your wild woman, becoming more authentic to live your truth confidently and bravely. Create and set goals so you can get to a place of fulfilling your dreams and desires (what makes you happiest and you feel your life is a succss). Living your truth, you will wake up with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Living your truth, you will enjoy the days moments feeling gratitude, love, and joy. Living your truth, you will enjoy connected meaningful relationships. You will live with confidence and courage to follow your own path.

The Wild Woman Way is a 5 step framework for you to create your fulfilling life.

  • Radical Awakening
  • Discovering Your Truth
  • Awaken Your Wild Woman Wisdom
    • Connect to Your Personal Power
    • Connect to Your Creative Energy
    • Connect to Your Intuition
    • Create Radical Trust and Confidence
    • Create Radical Love and Gratitude
  • Activate Your Wild Woman
  • Living In Your Power

Wild Woman Way
Reconnect and release your wild woman with awarness and bravely live your truth.
Everything you need to create a fulfilling life, including but not litmited to

Radical Awakening

Awareness knowing yourself intimately and discovering your beliefs.

You will reconnect to your wild woman, inner being, and rediscovering and creating your dreams and desires.

Discovering Your Truth

Building and defining your purpose and vision.

You will define your purpose creating direction and fulfillment in your life.

Awaken Your Wild Woman Wisdom

Connecting to your wisdom and wellbeing.

You will remove your masks and enjoy being your authentic genuine being.

  • Connect to Your Personal Power
  • Connect to Your Creative Energy
  • Connect to Your Intuition
  • Create Radical Trust and Confidence
  • Create Radical Love and Gratitude

Activate Your Wild Woman

Creating your personal growth compass and guidance system.

You will create your guidance system with your values and wants at the center directing you to live your most fulfilling life.

Living In Your Power

Dare to live life creating your truth and living your most fulfilling life.

You will boldly step into your courage creating healthy boundaries and enjoy more time for yourself.

Wild Woman are Free to be

  • Your authentic genuine being
  • Living in your full potential
  • Putting self first
  • Awesome and audacious
  • Successful

Wild Woman Dare to Risk

  • Judgement
  • Failure
  • Expressing yourself
  • Asking for what you want
  • Vulnerability

You will get

  • 6 Months Weekly Calls: Wild Woman Way mastermind group where you get time each week for focus on what you need help with and continuous support and feedback from the Wild Woman Way mastermind ($6000 value)
  • Access to Wild Woman Way Framework modules, tools, and resources ($5800 value)
  • Expert Speakers to supplement growth and expertise ($2500 value)
  • Wild Woman Way exclusive Facebook Group to connect and get your questions answered ($1000 value)
  • Voxer access M-F to expertise and support from Erin, founder/CEO of Live Your Truth Journey ($2500 value)


  • 3 Individual Coaching Sessions for Purpose Statement Feedback ($1050 value)
  • Challenges for positive mind shift, defing and clarifying life-fulfilling goals, and putting yourself first ($150 value)
  • 50% off mastermind retreats

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