live your truth mastermind

Do you worry about having enough time? Are you feeling stressed? Is your life out of balance?

Time management, activity management, balance or energy management – whatever name you give the use of your time, is of the most value. Chaos comes barging in when time is short and there are not enough hours in the day. Feeling overwhelmed juggling all that must get accomplished and attended to during the day is depleting  and energy stealing.

Lives are busy. Scheduling blocks of time for activities, goals, like tasks, and personal time is one strategy to free some time in the day and feel relaxed and calm.

How many action items are on your to-do list? Prioritizing tasks, goals and what’s most important to you is another strategy to free some time and feel that you are in control of your day, instead of the day being in control of you.

Are you ready to start manifesting

  • achieving your goals
  • enjoying time freedom
  • doing what’s important to you
  • living a balanced life
  • being happy, healthy and wealthy

How do you prioritize your goals and what’s most important to you? How do you keep growing and moving forward in your goals? What challenges do you have with your goals?

Live your truth mastermind is a powerful group of like-minded women wanting to enjoy freedom. The mastermind is an intimate and lively call to share challenges for growth, expanding and creating ideas, celebrating successes, and accountability.

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