Living your truth is knowing who you are – and living in alignment with who you are. It is knowing what your values are, what your goals are and what’s your vision for the life you want to live. Do you know your values? Are you living your life by your values?

Values are your foundation for living happy successful lives. You deserve happiness, abundance and health, and the key to your happiness is you. When you know your values, and live your life by your values, you are a happier and healthier person. Often people live their lives without knowing their values and they make decisions based on other people’s expectations. When people make decisions this way they aren’t living the life they are meant to live! They are unhappy and live a life of lack, of wanting more in their lives. It feels like you are living life out-of-balance or like going around in circles and not getting anywhere.

How often do you make a choice or decision that just doesn’t feel right, you feel an edge of uneasiness, and tension in your body. Did the decision, the choice, you made align with your values? Chances are that it didn’t. When decisions and choices are made in alignment with your values – you feel happiness, success, abundance, and free in your body.

Knowing your values helps bring balance and freedom to your life. You choose to live by your values and living by your values creates your happy and harmonious life. Values are a belief that is meaningful to you. Values are your foundation and guidance system. Stephen Covey says “(Values) are the source of our passions in life, and they help us determine where we focus our energies.

What three things do you value most? What do these values mean to you? It is important and worthwhile for you to reflect and put in writing your values and what the values meaning is to you.

What makes you happy? What makes you smile and laugh? What is important to you? What activities do you enjoy? What motivates you? What fills you with peace, joy, and love? What makes you anxious? Worry, doubt, and fear? Why?

When you know your values and what they mean to you; creating goals and making decisions are easier, your values are your guidance system. Knowing your values creates your foundation and helps you to create significant and achievable goals. Living by your values creates your happy successful life!


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