wisdom collage cards

Wisdom Collage Cards

Do you want to discover your intuitive creative genius and get connected to your inner wisdom?

Life Phases Series
(Wednesdays 6-8pm)

  • Feb. 15 – Warrior
  • Mar. 15 – Fool
  • Apr. 19 – Orphan
  • May 17 – Visionary

Live Your Truth Book Club

Join a powerful group of like-minded individuals to read and discuss personal growth books monthly. We will share challenges of growth, experiences to cheer, and ideas for exploring and expanding while we discuss the book of the month.

Mini-Retreat: Awareness Change and Direction

March 24th 10am-3pm
Richardson Nature Center

Are you ready for change and direction? Challenge yourself to dream big, define you goals, and live your life journey fully.

Energize and Engage

Energize and Engage

NP Power Nutrition
116 Main Street E, New Prague

3rd Tuesday every month
Mix and Mingle
Questions and Answers



4th Tuesday every month

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Values Challenge

Live Your Values Challenge

  • Explore your values
  • Connect to your values
  • Live by your values

Starts January 9th

Workshop: Values

Are you ready for a happier and more harmonious life? Do you want to feel more fulfilled and successful? Do you want to live with purpose and passion? In this workshop you will challenge yourself to discover your values, find your value, and live your life journey fully.

  • Define and focus your values
  • Expand your positive attitude and gratitude
  • Develop a strong self image
  • Deepen relationships
  • Enjoy balanced living

Feb. 7, 2023
zoom information given after registration and payment received

Registration $47