How to Ditch Overwhelm and Have Fun Every Day

What would you do if you had 60 minutes right now to do whatever you want?

Would you:
o Go for a hike
o Read a book
o Get a massage
o Take a nap
o Sit in the sun
o Enjoy a favorite drink or meal
o Connect with a friend

Prioritizing yourself FIRST creates energy for you to be FULLY PRESENT

Join me for a free webinar How to Ditch Overwhelm and Have Fun Every Day
May 24, 2022 12pm CST

Vision Board Workshop: Create the Life of Your Dreams

Are you ready to live your dreams? Do you want to enjoy abundance and freedom? Create a simple and powerful visualization tool that activates your power to begin manifesting your dreams and desires, your visions, into reality. You will have a collaged board full of images of your dreams and desires.

Become aware of what you want to do and experience. Discover what success means to you, to achieve your dreams and desires. Learn how to create and experience your life fully with purpose and passion. Challenge yourself to dream big, define significant and achievable goals, and live your life journey fully.

Creating a vision board you will:

  • Connect to your dreams and desires
  • Create positive energy
  • Be empowered to live a fulfilling life journey

If you are ready to manifest the life you imagine sign up today!
Join me for a fun, empowering and creative event.

Saturday May 28 8:00am-12:00pm CDT
Virtual Event (comfy in your favorite space)
Investment $47.00
Invite a friend for $1.00 (include their name and email, and billing email in the message and I will send an invite/invoice)

Wisdom Collage Cards

Joyfully deepen your awareness to your relationships with your personality and soul. Examine truth to life’s questions through the language of your soul, intuitively answer questions and open to the awareness of your wisdom and knowledge.

Do you want to discover your intuitive creative genius and get connected to your inner wisdom?

Engage yourself in connecting to the different parts of your personality and soul. A fun and creative process of making your own set of imagery cards, each card representing a part of your personality or soul. When you make spirit being collage card you intuitively select images you are drawn to and that explore the patterns of power in your life.


Attend and enjoy a spirit being collage workshop. It’s a couple of hours for you to engage yourself in connecting to parts of your personality and soul.

Discover Wisdom Collage Cards