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Wondering if there’s more to life?

Discover your dreams and live in your full potential

Do you want

  • to live a fulfilling, good life?
  • to utilize your strengths, skills and talents?
  • to be more positive?
  • meaningful relationships?
  • to make a positive difference in the world?

Discover your personal power and wisdom. Use your courage and creativity to discover the life you want to live and create it.

Choose what’s most important to you to live a fulfilling life.

Coaching is for:

  • awareness
  • fulfillment
  • wellness
  • growth
  • mindfulness
  • transformation
  • balance
  • self-confidence

For you and I to connect and learn about you and what interests you have in coaching.

Making the decision to make yourself, your desires and your life a priority is magnificent. I look forward to our conversation to determine if you and I will be a good fit for developing an engaging, collaborative, and creative coaching relationship.

What is coaching?

Many successful people have started to realize that working harder and longer doesn’t leave much time for living satisfying lives. Identifying and effecting the changes that can bring about a more fulfilling life are not easy. Star athletes, performers, and business leaders have long understood the value of working with a professional coach who offers support, encouragement, perspective, strategies and accountability.

You will be challenged to make your life more meaningful by determining what you really want out of life. Your coach is a deep listener who hears what you are saying and works with you to achieve your desires and ultimately live the life that you want.

How is coaching different from psychotherapy?

Coaching is not psychotherapy. I do not work on “issues” or dig into the past. I leave that work up to you. I will support you to move forward, set personal and professional goals and take the necessary action to create what you desire. If for any reason, I believe other therapeutic professional services are needed, I will request that you get the assistance you need.

Coaching is a learning and developmental model. Coaching is also future oriented and moves towards unleashing your unique desires and potential. Therefore, we will be working towards greater awareness and understanding so that you can make changes that will lead you to your desired outcomes.

Coaching is all about you

Our time together is all about you, your life, business and/or career. I ask that you make your time with me a priority, show up on time, be prepared to work, be ready to explore your life in a new and different way and have fun. As your coach, I support you in discovering, creating and moving towards the life and work you want. I provide the coaching and you will do the work you choose to do to get the results you want. Therefore, you will be taking responsibility for your choices and results. They are your wins and accomplishments.

Live Your Truth!

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