erin marie barry

I remember a morning sitting on the floor playing with my kids. I wasn’t feeling happiness in a lot of areas of my life. I was struggling to please others and make others happy. Struggling financially, struggling to lose weight wanting

to enjoy being at the lake with family, wanting deep rich conversations, wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. Overwhelmed with trying to do it all and be all. I put others needs and happiness before mine, so much that I wasn’t doing things I enjoyed. I did what family, friends and society expected of me even when it wasn’t aligned with what I most wanted for me and the life that I was living. I didn’t fully realize this then, I was lost living in the day-to-day struggle of making things work and come together in a way that was acceptable. I was not happy. I was not healthy. I felt lost to myself, I didn’t know who I was. My kids were a happy part of me, of my life, and I immersed myself in being mom.

What I truly wanted for myself (and my kids) was to be a person who enjoyed life doing the things that made me happy. A strong, powerful, loving, happy and positive person. A confident successful healthy and fit person. Enjoying deep rich relationships that are connected and loving. Doing work that I enjoy and am excited to do; writing, speaking, directing retreats, and guiding people to live happy and harmonious lives. Being fit active and full of energy. Enjoying abundance and freedom. Most of all, me living the life that I wanted to live being ME and doing what I wanted, creating my life instead of conforming to others and putting others happiness and expectations always before mine. I did not want to be a person who never stood up for what she wanted and believed in. I did not want to be a person who didn’t put herself first.

That day was a turning point of my transformation to living my truth. Creating the life that I want to live being who I want to be, doing what I want to do and experiencing what I want to experience. I began dreaming and imagining the life I wanted to live. My dreams and desires were awakened.

I remember that I wanted more of life. I wanted to be more than I was being, I wanted to do more than I was doing, I wanted to experience a lot more than what I was experiencing. I wasn’t living how I wanted to live. I wasn’t healthy, I was obese. I was in debt working a 9to5 job I didn’t enjoy going to.

I knew I could be more and do more but I didn’t make choices to be more and do more. I made choices to make others happy. I made choices by others expectations or what I thought they expected of me, expectations of family, friends, groups and society. I did things that were the next expected progression or action. I didn’t do what I truly wanted.

Another turning point in living my truth was getting back into personal growth. I clarified and defined my values goals and visions. I began learning to do new daily habits that created new daily routines, and the ripple effect began. A big problem I was trying to fix in my life was financial stress, I want to enjoy financial freedom. Financial freedom didn’t come quickly, I’m still working on it, but I am financially comfortable. What did happen was my health and relationships changed significantly. My positive choices and actions increased. I released 60 pounds and enjoy being healthy fit and active. I enjoy deep rich relationships with my family and friends.

erin marie barry live your truth journey

“We are always becoming, we are always creating! Today I am more than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I am more than I am today.”
~Erin Marie Barry

I am a new person today. I am happy and healthy. I wake with energy enthusiasm and excitement. I live with purpose and passion being who I want to be, doing what I want to do, experiencing what I want to experience, and creating the life that I want to live. I live my truth!

I am so happy and grateful for this fulfillment. I am happy and harmonious. I enjoy my loving and connected, happy and harmonious family. I enjoy being a difference maker writing, speaking, facilitating masterminds and directing retreats. I enjoy personal growth, quantum growth; deep rich relationships, my home and traveling. I am abundant and free! I am filled with love joy and gratitude!

I am passionate about living my truth! Being who I want to be, doing what I want to do, experiencing what I want to experience and creating the life that I want to live. Because of my experience living my truth, I am passionate to help, to empower and to guide you to live your truth.

You too can be happy and harmonious.
You too can live with abundance and freedom.
You too can enjoy your life journey fully.
You too can live with purpose and passion.
You too can live your dreams and desires.

You too can be who you want to be, do what you want to do, experience what you want to experience and create the life that you want to live.

You too can live your truth!