Present Moment

Last night I was crabby. Crabby and impatient with those important in my life. I was getting overwhelmed, feeling negative energy surrounding me from various sources, and I was tired. My choices and actions were direct reactions from the negativity that I was feeling – and I was ‘taking it out’ on those most important to me – losing my patience, raising my voice.

I was not in the present moment with them. I was not the loving caring person that I like to be.

Present moment awareness is so much harder when I’m tired. When I’m feeling negative emotions I feel so ‘out of control’. I like to be in control – even when I know the Universe will give me what I need and want. The only thing that I can control is me. I can’t control nothing or no one else.

What I truly want is to feel positive emotions! Love, joy, peace. Happiness, harmony and gratitude.

I want to learn to let go in those moments of negative feelings and go with the flow!

What can I do to stop the irritability, impatience, crabbiness and overwhelm – the negative feelings – to get centered back in the moment?

First. BREATHE! Take a minute, or 5, and breathe! Connect with self, become centered. Quiet all the negative emotions. Taking 3 deep breathes allows you to become more connected to yourself, and to the present moment.

Second. Feel gratitude for what is, rather than the negative emotions and overwhelm of anxiousness for what ‘needs’ to happen or a ‘to do’ list. I am grateful to enjoy and experience activities that interest me and my family. I am grateful to be a difference maker.

Third. Recognize what you are choosing as priorities and know are triggers for you. Accept the choices fully knowing that you are responsible for your choices. And having chosen one thing as a priority, may mean that you need to let go or adjust other things that are important to you.

All three steps are connected and can be done all together or one at a time. Taking these actions can help to bring you and keep you in present moment awareness. Knowing what I can do to stay in present moment awareness makes me feel good. Being in present moment awareness makes me feel good.

Breathe! Feel gratitude. And take responsibility for your choices to be in present moment awareness.

Live Your Truth!