you are – I am

it’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you’re thinking about someone else qualities and characteristics. what quirks that they have, what their natural behaviors are. what habits they have.

i have studied a person because there is a quality that they have, and I want to grow and expand the same quality in myself. what else are they doing in the same moment they are displaying the quality? are they responding to someone or a situation? what energy are they sending out?

i have also seen qualities in people that i don’t like. sometimes those qualities and behaviors jump out at you in a situation and can’t get it out of your mind. these are qualities to study and learn from too. ask yourself the same questions, and then follow up asking the same questions about you and the quality or behavior you don’t like.

so many times the irritating qualities that i have seen in others are irritating to me because it is a characteristic of myself that I don’t like and want to change or eliminate. it can be easier to identify negative characteristics in others before being able to identify them in our own self.


studying people with qualities and characteristics we like, we learn what we can do to expand and grow. learning about the qualities and characteristics we don’t like, we learn to identify what we can do to change those same qualities and characteristics in ourselves to a positive quality or characteristic.

studying positive qualities and characteristics and growing and expanding a positive quality we be who we want to be. learning about a negative quality or characteristic and changing what we don’t like in our behaviors allows us to grow and expand to be who we want to be.

what quality or characteristic do you want to change or eliminate?

what quality or characteristic do you want to grow and expand?

live your truth!