Burning Desire

I’ve been thinking about my purpose and passion and my ‘burning desire’. Right now I feel I need to ‘fan the flames’, my desire is not a ‘burning desire’ right now. I feel that I’m holding myself back somewhere somehow, I’m scared of the changes and the transformation I will experience to attain my goals and visions. I’m at a point of living on the edge – which is where I want to be, and that I need to take the risk – which is what I want to do! I am at the point of pushing my comfort zone – and I need to push through, rather than stop or slow down – which is what I feel like I’ve done.

What causes me, or you, to stop or slow down in reaching for your visions and taking action on your goals?

  • Desire is not high, it’s not a burning desire right now
  • Not keeping your goals in front of you
  • Not having strong and focused visions and visualization
  • A shift in priorities

You can take action to create a ‘burning desire’ and live your life filled with purpose and passion. You can take action to live the life you want and move forward expanding and growing, being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.

  • Create good habits to empower your being and doing – affirmations, mediation to quiet your mind, yoga, working out, visualizing visions, gratitude, journaling, smiling
  • Modify your goals and actions to be aligned with your visions for your transformation and growth
  • Live by your truth and values, live by how you want to feel and allow yourself to enjoy the journey!
  • Time activity management – keep your goals before you and plan your day the evening before prioritizing your goals and actions allowing you to be present
  • Say ‘no’ to keep your goals and actions aligned with your priorities and visions
  • Grow – learn new things, expand your knowledge and study what you’re passionate about
  • Positive thinking – think about what you really want, replace thoughts of lack with positive thoughts of your visions and goals
  • Well being – be physically active and allow for rest and rejuvenation
  • Spend time with positive people that enhance and empower your life!
  • Act as if it were impossible to fail!

I have changes and growth I can take to create and increase my ‘burning desire’. I’m learning to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t align with my truth and visions, and say ‘yes’ to my visions and action goals. I am creating the habit of daily meditation to quiet my mind and strengthen my focus.

Is your desire a ‘burning desire’? Are your goals and daily activities aligned with your visions? Are you learning something new right now? Are you getting enough sleep, fresh air and daily movement? What new habit can you create to increase your ‘burning desire’?

Create your burning desire! Live with purpose and passion! Enjoy the journey!

Live your truth!