Present Moment Awareness

Living in present moment awareness is being focused with your full attention to what you are doing NOW, in the now moment. Right now, you are reading, are you focused on the words meaning and allowing new knowledge, ideas, growth and being? Or are you thinking about what you were doing 2 minutes ago, or what happened this morning, or yesterday. Maybe you are thinking about what you have to accomplish yet today, worrying about what you need to do next so that you can cross off as many items as you possibly can from your to-do list. I admit when I am reading emails and newsletters there are many times when I am not focused on what I am reading and what I can be learning or how I can be growing from the information contained in the words. The BIG question is – what other activities are you participating in that you are not focused on, you are not being in present moment awareness? Your sons basketball game, a conference meeting, a conversation with a loved family member, a work project, a walk outdoors, eating your dinner, your rejuvenation time, or your time with your wife husband and kids.

You can live in present moment awareness, it is your choice to live in present moment awareness. You have your vision and know what you want, you have created definite goals to grow become and do what you want, and you have clarified your values for your foundation and guidance. You know where you currently are and where it is you are going. You are aware and you can be present in the moment. Enjoy the NOW moment of the activity you are doing. Each moment will lead to the next moment, and you will transition to new activities as your values, goals, priorities and vision guide you. Your awareness of the moment and living in present moment awareness will allow you to grow and become, and enjoy the journey!

Enjoying the journey with your awareness of who you are and who you want to be, your vision and goals allows for your growth in the present moment. Not looking ahead with a feeling of lack and wanting, doubt and worry. Not looking behind with feelings of remorse or regret, guilt or wishing to change the past. Focusing in present moment awareness and living here and now – learning and adjusting, growing and becoming – who you want to BE, what you want to DO and how you want to LIVE!

Live Your Truth!