Living Life

Are you living your life? Or is life living you?

I recently had a couple of days of my life living me! Activities from many areas of my life were begging for my attention, I was feeling pulled in all directions at one time, wanting to focus on this area and this area, but oh what about this commitment and this activity, what about time with this person and that person?

We all have days that we live our life, guide our days and create the life we want to live. We all have days that our life is living us. Overwhelm is present, or just lurking around the corner; ready to overtake the day.

Here are some tips for you to LIVE YOUR LIFE rather than life living you.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Vivian Greene

To live your life, guiding your days and creating your life – be aware, let go and be present.

When your life is living you BE AWARE

  • Is the activity related to your goals?
  • Does the activity align with your values?
  • Is the activity a high priority?
  • Can the activity be released because of change, new awareness or growth?

When your life is living you LET GO

  • There are times when we need to let life lead
  • Go with the flow rather than resist what is coming at us
  • It is okay to focus on only one or two areas of your life for a short time
  • Balance happens throughout your life – one moment at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one year at a time

When your life is living you BE PRESENT

  • Do not fret about the past
  • Do not worry about the future
  • Focus on the task or activity in front of you now
  • By being present you will accomplish tasks quicker and be able to move to the next task accomplishing more in a day, week and year

Life does happen! Life is good! When we have days when life is living us – we can be aware, we can let go, and we can be present! We can begin living our lives, guiding our days and creating the life we want to live from that moment!

Live Your Truth!