Amazing Growth

I am surprised and amazed each Spring to suddenly see trees visibly green. The day before there didn’t appear to be growth, and voila, today there is. I’ve experienced the same leaps of growth in my life.

One of my favorite affirmations is “I grow with the same beauty as a flower or tree or anything in nature.” On my vision board is a beautiful purple flower. A lotus fully opened, and the middle seemingly glowing! It reminds me that I grow with the same awe and beauty.

Growth like a flowers petals opening, growth like a trees leaves in Spring.

In nature growth is in cycles. Spring is a time of new growth and new life. The Earth around me is brightening with the fresh vibrancy of green all around.

I grow in cycles too.

Always I have before me my goals for all areas of my life. I choose to put more energy, set my priority, on one. I grow and expand in that area achieving my goal and move onto another goal for another area of my life. As I focus on the new goal and area of my life I am getting new information and new ideas. The ideas I receive help me to expand and clarify my previous goal and goals in all areas of my life, into something more, something bigger.

Before I know it, I have cycled through many areas and goals of my life. And I’m back to the original goal and area of my life growing and expanding into the expanded and new goal.

You don’t notice all the small growth. Suddenly before you, where a bud once was, is now a flower beginning to open. A tree that was bare, suddenly visibly green. The growth speeds up, the momentum is there, and you see before you a fully open beautiful flower – a tree of splendid glory fully leaved.

And you too, having reached multiple small goals in an area of your life have grown with the same momentum! You succeeded and became the beauty! You achieved your goal!

As you look with awareness at where you were and where you now are, what areas of your life have you seen growth that surprised and amazed you?

What other areas of your life are you growing and not yet aware of the growth that is already happening!