Going Within

I enjoy sitting quietly and going deep within, connecting with myself and becoming aware. I learn about who I currently am and I receive an awareness of who I want to be. And I grow, I become who I want to BE!

I learn about myself from books that I read, nature and journaling – new ideas and questions are given to me from the Universe. I am able to let go of my daily tasks and routines, I get immersed in the new information, I get lost in nature surrounding me, I freely journal and connect with myself.

When I read a book I am able to let go and immerse myself in the information I am learning and acquire new knowledge. So often while reading a question is given me from the book itself or my own thoughts. I am able to use the question to look within myself and know myself. A new idea to challenge me, a different point of view to look from and consider.

I enjoy nature and being outdoors. When I am able to slip away to explore and be surrounded by nature I do. I experience a feeling of oneness, of wholeness, with the trees, water, animals, stars and Universe. My mind quiets, opens to awareness, my thoughts and ideas come from nature to teach me, to compare life in nature to my life.

I open my journal to write freely my thoughts, ideas, questions, old thoughts I’ve been thinking and new thoughts from the present moment. As I journal, more is open to me, my awareness expands, new ideas and new questions. I write and new ideas, new thoughts and new questions are given to me.

Reading, nature and journaling guide me within myself to experience and enjoy expanded awareness.

What activities allow you to go within and connect with yourself? What activities guide you to learning about yourself? What expands your awareness? Take time for yourself to enjoy one of those activities.

Live Your Truth!