Good or Should?

Do I do what’s good for me – or what I should do? Will my day flow smoothly when I choose to do what’s good for me? Will I feel guilty about doing what’s good for my body and health rather than what I judge I should be doing?

I have chosen my health, am I feeling an old paradigm – feeling uncertainty as I change and transform to a new paradigm that fits me better now?

I am not as positive and as present as I could be when doing some activities. I make a decision to do a certain activity instead of another activity I judge I could do or should do, and I wonder and worry when I will be able to do the other activity(s). I’m not fully committed to my decision.

I do the justification in my mind – weighing the two choices between each other. Thinking about priorities and the balance of all areas and activities for my life.

I want to decide, then do the activity. I want to let go the other activity(s) until it’s that activities time. I will let go and allow myself to be present and to be positive.

Time to experiment and experience life…

Choosing to do an activity for my health and body and having other priorities for the day to balance created in me a sense of urgency. My focus was good and I was more connected to my inner being. I was productive before enjoying the healthy activity and after doing the healthy activity. My day flowed smoothly.

I am very good at over planning my days –today I accomplished the majority of what I have on my list – with a sense that what I don’t get done I’ll have a good start on, and that I’ll accomplish the last couple of items with no busy-overwhelm feelings.

Choosing what was good for me was very good! It was easy for me to go with the flow and to stay focused getting a lot done. I enjoy feeling and being connected to my inner being – listening and being guided by my intuition.

I will choose what I want to do by what feels good and positive to me!

Are you choosing what feels good to you? Or are you choosing what you judge you should do?

Live Your Truth!