Balancing Act

Life can be a balancing act! We all have many things we commit too, many activities we and our loved ones are involved in, many things that we want to do. And the many distractions of an electronically connected life, that it is easy to be reacting instead of responding. It is easy to become overwhelmed with an increasing to-do list as we react to others urgency, say yes to some things we should say no to and not put our own priorities first.

A lot of times a change has the ripple effect in all areas of our life and we feel the balance tip. No longer do we feel centered or grounded. Change is growth. Growth is good! Change is good! When our balance is tipped it is a time of growth and learning as we become more by becoming more centered and grounded again.

When I feel too off balance, that I’m feeling chaos or overwhelm, I know some actions I can do to help me gain a balance closer to my center.

  • I refresh in my mind my priorities, my visions, my goals and my values. Remembering what is most important to me and why. What are your visions and goals?
  • I focus on the present moment. I let go my judging of myself and what I didn’t get done. I make note of what I want to do, what is most important to me and align my present moment with my priority. What is most important to you in the NOW moment?
  • I keep distractions of phone, email and other things of my control to a minimum. I set times aside to focus on me – exercising, journaling, meditating, nature, activities or hobbies that refresh and rejuvenate my mind, spirit and body. What activity rejuvenates you? Set aside some time this week to enjoy it!
  • I reflect on the positive changes, growth, accomplishments, and what I have done. I feel gratitude and celebrate the positive moments, the growth that I have experienced and the growth that I will experience. What can you celebrate and feel grateful for?

Being off balance is good. It can be a time of gratitude for the growth experience that you will have as you become centered and grounded. As you grow in being who you want to be, doing what you want to do and living how you want to live.

Live Your Truth!