Challenges and Gratitude

My challenge right now is to be positive, there is so much that I want, and I’m feeling that there isn’t enough time to do it. Not enough time to do the things I think I need to do or should be doing for all that I want.

It is a challenge to stay present and focused on what is most important to me. I want to be happy, present and connected. I don’t want to feel rushed and thinking about what else I need to be doing or what I need to do next.


I want to be focused on what is most important to me and connected to my higher being.


I’m not feeling grateful in these moments. I’m not connected to what my vision is.

When I take a moment to connect with what I really want, I am able to feel gratitude. Being aware of what I want helps me to become aware of where I was, where I want to go and where I am.

I become present to the moment. I am able to focus on what is important in that moment. And I am always grateful for where I am and knowing that I am continually growing.

Live Your Truth!