Perfectly Me

“I’m glad I’m perfecting this…”

I said this this morning, mixing ingredients by sight to make a yummy smoothy.  And right away it caught me in thought.

“That’s right, I am perfect. And not just at mixing a yummy smoothie. I’m perfectly me!”

It brought a smile to my face. So often I am judging myself, even when I am having a great day, I can still lean towards judging instead of gratitude. What more could I have done or should I have done. Ah, the could have’s and the should have’s, not today. Today I am perfectly me!

And you are perfectly you!

Perfectly Me!


Did you know that? Did you know that you are perfect just as you are?

Perfectly changing and growing and experiencing life as it happens to you. A phrase I hear often is, “perfectly imperfect”. I agree with that, we are all unique individuals, and if we were perfect there would not be any more room for growth. And for me, well, growth is what life is all about. Growth is our life experiences.

When the could have’s and should have’s try to sneak their way into your thoughts, stop them, and tell them (and yourself) “I am perfectly Me.” Feel the gratitude for being You, and all that you are being, all that you are doing, all that you are experiencing. And feel the gratitude for all that you are becoming, all that you will do, and all that you will experience!

I Am Perfectly ME!

Grow! Be! Do! Experience! You are perfectly you! Love it and enjoy it!

Live Your Truth!