Let go the How

One of the more challenging things in this thing called life is letting go the how. I want more money, “How am I going to get more money?” I want more time, “How can I squeeze more time for me from my day?” How can I squeeze more time for my family, for pursuing my dream, for exercise, for being out in nature?

Thinking about the how can be overwhelming and other negative emotions. Worry, doubt, fear, anxiety.

To feel the positive emotions, let go the “how”, and think about what you do want.


Visualize and imagine what you want, feeling how you want to feel when you are enjoying being and doing what you want to do.

As you imagine and visualize what you want, you will clarify what you want. Ideas will come to you for the actions that you can take to achieve what you want.

You will have what you want with little effort, but the effort that you use to imagine and visualize what you truly want and desire.

Imagine! Build the image in your mind.

Live Your Truth!