lost and alone

lost and alone
going around in circles

not getting where you want to go
spiraling downwards


stress built up to breaking point
not the tipping point wanted

stress has been going on too long
building in your body

shoulders and back tight
eyebrows and forehead scrunched

stress has been going on too long
taking it’s toll on your mind

already anxious
and overwhelmed

what do you want?
what can you do differently?
what help can you get?

connect to your inner wisdom

  • meditate
  • journal
  • be in nature

connect to others

  • be vulnerable
  • share what’s going on
  • ask for help

connect to nature

  • walking or sitting
  • what do you see?
  • what do you hear?

become aware of your negative feelings
become aware of your wants
choose positive thoughts
choose what’s most important to you

live your truth!