in all life areas
separately and
in the whole of life

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what’s most important

letting go



balance in life is a lot
present moment awareness with


in mind allow choices for




live your truth!

trust you!


trust you!
believe in you!

have expectations for you
and meet them

you are deserving!
you are worthy!

have grace with yourself
don’t expect too much

be realistic
don’t judge

love yourself!

be patient
allow for the experience of growth


growth comes from failing

trying again
being persistent


life is to be experienced

ups and downs
ebbs and flows

live your truth!

mind wandering

my mind confuses me with it’s wanderings
positive and negative

the negative i don’t like
worse case scenario
worrying about stuff that isn’t

i wonder why but i know
it’s not worth my time and additional worry
to ask why and worry some more

analysis and awareness is good
to create positive thoughts
create positive actions and outcomes

awareness for growth is good

worry is… pointless

being aware
choose who you want to be
choose what you want to do

choose what’s most important to you
think about what’s most important to you

choose positive
think positive
you will be positive

choose to live happy and grateful
in the present moment

choose to enjoy life fully
enjoy your experiences!

live your truth!

weed out the doubts

doubts planted in the mind
what doubts are buried deep inside?

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doubts planted by others
doubts planted by experiences

weed out doubts
what was the doubt serving?

do you believe this doubt?
is this what you want?

plant more positive
what do you want?

imagine who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience
connect to why and how you want to feel

harvest all wanted and more
create the life you want to live

live your truth!

trust myself

i can trust myself!

with the ups and downs of emotions
with the ebbs and flows of life
i do need to be reminded of my trust

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i’ve been the rock
solid and strong
creating a foundation

i’ve been the strong tree
deep roots
thick trunk
billowing branches

i can trust my strength
my foundation
my flexibility
my growth

i can take the risk
to become more
to create all that i want to create

be who i want to be
do what i want to do
experience what i want to experience

what risk do you want to take?
what do you want to create?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

you can!
take the risk!

live your truth!

grateful now

what are you grateful for now?

are you grateful for you?
who you are being?
what you are doing?
what you are experiencing?
what you are creating?

are you grateful for your growth?
who you are becoming?
what you want to do?
what you want to experience?
what you want to create?

are you grateful for being?
being you?
being love?
being truth?
being light?

are you grateful for doing?
doing what you want?
doing what you dream?
doing what you desire?
doing what’s most important to you?

are you grateful for experiencing?
experiencing what you want?
experiencing the present moment?
experiencing connectedness?
experiencing life?

are you grateful for creating?
creating your truth?
creating who you want to be?
creating what you want to do?
creating what you want to experience?

live your truth!

climb high

where do you want to go?
what do you want to do?
who do you want to be?

are you growing?
are you becoming better every day?

every day is an opportunity for you to climb
to grow
life is ever spiraling upwards if you know where you want to go

the first step is to be aware

do you know what you want?
what’s most important to you?

who do you want to be?
what do you want to do?
what do you want to experience?

where are you now?
what can you do to take a step closer to what you want?

take a small action to
become who you want to be
do what you want to do
do what you want to experience

you will create the life you want to live
you will continue spiraling upward
you will create more than you imagine now

live your truth!


trusting is in every area of life

  • personal/spiritual growth
  • fun and recreation
  • finances
  • business/career
  • family and friends
  • physical environment
  • health and wellbeing
  • romance
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trusting is in every relationship

  • myself
  • universe
  • other people
  • nature
  • money

trusting allows deeper growth
trusting allows wider growth

where do you trust?

where do you need to trust?

balancing change

change happens in all areas of life
when there is a change your focus is zeroed in

zeroed in on what you need it to be
what is the change happening now?

when you are zeroed in
you lose some priorities that you had
you feel out of balance

you don’t spend as much time
being outside

you don’t do what you want for
eating healthy
working your business
being present to those you love
taking care of your family
taking care of yourself

change happens
how aware are you to how each change effects you?

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what do you want to do with change?
accept it
know that you will be off balance for a bit
grow with it
be aware

with awareness
you will be able to prioritize differently
and keep what’s most important now

with awareness
you will be able to shift
to what’s most important
and keep balance in your life

balance in life is everchanging with change
balance is being present
balance is being aware
balance is choosing what’s most important to you

balance in life is to be looked at more broadly
not focused on a short time period
balance is part of growth
spiraling upward growth
balance changes with growth

balance is more like a teeter totter of life
you have your ups and downs
and as you go through the ups and downs and changes
you will be in the center between the ups and downs
you will be in the center between the changes and growth

when you are feeling out of balance
become aware of what’s changing
what’s most important to you?
what needs to shift with the change?
what will you shift again when the change is embodied?


live your truth!